B. User Manual

User Manual:

Rules of Blackjack:

Each player is dealt 2 cards in the beginning. The players cards are to visible to everyone, whereas the dealer has to reveal the second card he is dealt. The players are solely playing the dealer and the goal of the game is to get closest to 21 without going over. When the player receives his fist two cards they can decide to add a card or not. If a player has an Ace, it can be worth a 1 or an 11 depending on the players choice. Once a player decides to hold or they bust, or go over 21, then the dealer will go. Whoever is closest to 21 wins.

Program Directions:

To start playing Blackjack, the user must open up Matlab. Once Matlab is open, there is a bar on the left side of the page that says, “Current Folder”. Look at all the files and there will be one called “Blackjack”. Click to open the file up. It will appear in the editor window. At the top of the page there is a green “Run” button, when you click run the game will begin. First, the code will display the rules and ask you if you want to continue with the game. Enter “1” to play. The code will run and a side tab in the editor window will open up that says “Figures”. Figure 1 is the players hand and Figure 2 is the dealers hand. Once you’ve looked at your cards, the program will ask you to decide if you would like to pick up another card. Press “1” to add a card and “2” to not add. When you are done deciding on adding cards or not, the program will run its course. At the end in the “Command” window, the program will display if the dealer won or if the player won and the game finishes.

Connect 4 is a game that requires two players to play. The two players take turns placing their chips on the board in the bottom most row of a column and try to get four consecutive chips in a row either horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. Once a player has gotten four in a row he or she wins. In the MATLAB version of this game, whoever is the first player presses 2 to start. This is so the program knows how to designate each person as either a red or black chip. Once the first player has pressed 2 to start, he or she presses the row he or she wants to place their chip in with 6 being the bottom row and 1 being the top row. Then, they choose which column they want to place their chip in with 1 being the far-left column and 6 being the far-right column. After entering which row and column they want, they need to press enter. Do note that the program does not know when you place the chip that it is in the bottom most row of the column. It is necessary for the player to play by the rules of the game and place the chip in the bottom most empty row of the column. The players alternate turns until either a player has won or there are no more turns left and there is a tie. Once the players have determined that a player has won, press CTRL+C to exit the program. If there are no more turns left and there is a tie the players do not need to press CTRL+C to exit the program because the program automatically stops then.