A. Introduction

Our team developed the games Black Jack and Connect 4 in hopes that anyone can enjoy playing the game with their friends in their leisure and have fun with the game. Connect 4 is a strategy game that allows two users to play against each other until one outsmarts the other. It is not difficult to learn the rules, four in a row is what you need to win, but it is challenging to play it well. This game is intended for anyone that can use a computer and wants to have fun! Black jack is a card game that is easy to learn and play . This game is designed for people who want to play something in their down-time and is intended to allow the user to play something even if there is no one else around. The program is designed to make the computer dealer smart and is challenging enough to require some thought from the user. Our team was divided into two groups to finish the development to ensure the developers can focus on their own project and be more time efficient.