G. Conclusions and Recommendations


Overall, Blackjack was extremely successful. Our code worked perfectly for what we wanted. Our method for creating the code was very efficient. We had a schedule and followed that well so the game would be done on time and to our satisfaction. However, if I had time to go above and beyond, I would’ve created a dashboard where all the cards could be displayed on a page like in real blackjack. Other than creating a dashboard, I wouldn’t change anything, our game was a success.

Throughout the design process for connect four there were numerous challenges. These were solved through a variety of ways from studying how others have solved this to discussing possible solutions with teaching assistants. What would be improved if given the chance would be having the program be able to determine a winner itself without the users deciding on their own who won. Overall though, the game was well done with the players being able to play against each other. This is a fun game that is recommended for players of all ages and abilities.