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Table of Contents

  1. Project Management Documentation:
    1. Team working agreement
    2. Individual Responsibility agreement
    3. Project schedule
    4. Meeting notes
  2. Business Plan:
    1. User Identification and Interviews
    2. Electronic/Print advertisement for the game
    3. 5- 7 minute pitch video that includes a demonstration of your game
  3. Software Documentation
    1. Introduction
    2. User Manual
    3. Program Description for Developers
    4. Final Algorithm
    5. Final Program
    6. Discussion
    7. Conclusion
    8. References

Executive Summary

Our team developed the games Black Jack and Connect 4 in hopes that anyone can enjoy playing the game with their friends in their leisure and have fun with the game. Connect 4 is a strategy game that allows two users to play against each other until one outsmarts the other. It is not difficult to learn the rules, four in a row is what you need to win, but it is challenging to play it well. This game is intended for anyone that can use a computer and wants to have fun! Black jack is a card game that is easy to learn and play. This game is designed for people who want to play something in their down-time and is intended to allow the user to play something even if there is no one else around. The program is designed to make the computer dealer smart and is challenging enough to require some thought from the user. Our team was divided into two groups to finish the development to ensure the developers can focus on their own project and be more time efficient.

During the beta testing of this MATLAB version of Connect 4, the game had not yet been finished. Two players could play, and their turns would display on the Connect 4 board just fine, but the program could not determine a winner. Also, the instructions were unclear as to where the players should place their chips and how to play. The coding for this game was intense, especially concerning the section of code that pertains to checking for a winner and summing all possible options for a winning row of four chips. It took several days to figure out that a zeros board was needed for each player to store their move and then sum the board to check for a sum of four either horizontally, vertically, or diagonally, in a row. To address these concerns and overcome the obstacles that came up, more directions were added to the program so that with each turn, the player is reminded of the rules. A section of for loops and if/else statements were added within the while loop to check for a winner using the zeros board established earlier in the program. This system is much easier to use rather than manually checking for every single possible winning combination.

Our game is actually not that complete since one of the developer is not familiar with the rule of the game and the game can’t bust out the player and dealer when the value of the cards on their hand exceed 21 and need the player to obey the rule to ensure that the player will not be handed with another card after the value exceed 21. There should be a while loop to make up this function. During the game development. Also, the game can’t allow player to keep playing after one round and the player has to enter the program again to keep playing. There should be a while loop that ensure the user will always been prompted and asked about whether they want to play again. During the development, to ensure that the player will not been interrupt by other information prompted from the matlab, efforts has been made to adjust the place of variable definition and rules and allow user to see the rules and the hands clearly. At first, the dealer will use ace to judge whether to add 10 up to its value and decide whether to get another card but the dealer can’t take off that 10 once it pick up another card and has total value exceed 21. A if -elseif loop is designed to let the dealer to recalculate its value when the total score exceed 21 and there are aces been considered as 11 in the game. We had struggled for IL for quite a long time and figure out there is a line lost from the program so we started to keep detailed comments with our code to ensure we will not miss lines again.

Overall, both games were extremely successful. Our codes worked perfectly for what we wanted. Our methods for creating the code was very efficient. We had a schedule and followed that well so the game would be done on time and to our satisfaction. Throughout the design process for connect four there were numerous challenges. These were solved through a variety of ways from studying how others have solved this to discussing possible solutions with teaching assistants. Overall though, the game was well done with the players being able to play against each other. This is a fun game that is recommended for players of all ages and abilities.