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Table of Contents

1. Project ManagementĀ 

A. Team Working Agreement

B. Individual Responsibility Agreement

C. Project Schedule

D. Meeting Notes

2. Business PlanĀ 

A. User Identification and Interviews

B. Electronic/Print Advertisment

C. Pitch Video with Demonstration

3. Software Documentation

A. Introduction

B. User Manual

C. Program Description

D. Final Algorithms and Flowcharts

E. Final Program with Comments

F. Discussion

G. Conclusions and Recommendations

H. References


Executive Summary

Matlab is a programming software that is frequently used in the field of data collection. However it is capable of doing many unorthodox tasks, one such task was explored in this project. The project was relatively simple, use Matlab to create a game from a provided list of games. The point of the project was to expand Matlab skills and in that way the point was achieved. However there was also a more professional side for this project as not only was a game to be created but also a blog that showcased all details of the project.

The first step of the project was to select a game from a provided list of games. All games were given a score based off of their difficulty, higher number correlates to a more difficult game. A game that was both a challenge but still doable was Hangman, for that reason it was chosen. Several aspects of the website were also done such as; a teammate agreement and an individual working agreement. The group met multiple times a week and logged minutes during each meeting. Each week there was also a check up preformed by the class TAs. Once coding was complete a demonstration was required, the teacher would walk around a personally play each groups game, finding error and ways to improve the game. A video was also made to sell our game to customers, this was another example of the business side of this project.

Overall the game ran smoothly. It did an excellent job of portraying the basic idea of Hangman while also being user friendly so people of all ages could enjoy participating. To make it even more user friendly the word bank could be made up of words that are possibly more commonly used. Also instead of adding a body part to the man when a number is typed, an error try again message could appear. However our novice abilities in regards to Matlab hindered our ability to make a more ideal game, the product that was produced was excellent for the resources provided.