Main takeaways on August 20 ( Tom Li)

imageAugust 20 is an amazing day. It seems to be even far away from my life even now. However, it did happen and would definitely affect my whole life! I just can’t tell you how excited I was when I went out Mr.Leach’s office in 36th floor of the nationwide headquarters in columbus, ohio. I can’t express how I became relieved when I finally learn a lot of things from Ms.Meg and Ms.Liu. In short, it’s a crazy day!

The most important things that I learned from Mr.Leath are as follows:

  • Age dosen’t really matter!
  • Be well-prepared when you begin to start the career!
  • Tech is the essential base and other skills can learn later!
  • Choose the things you are passionate on and just do it. Do not care time too much!
  • Find someone you trust that can help you develop your career road!
  • Be on different roles in company and gain different skill sets!
  • Small company gives big picture but large company teaches you the system!
  • Attitude toward the job is important!
  • Finance work in high positions are more!

The most fantastic takeaways from the conversation with Ms.Meg and Ms.Liu are as follows:

  • Never push in email with officer and teacher!
  • After meet, send an email to follow up!
  • Maintaining the relationship through asking questions, sending greeting emails in festivals and updating yourself!(Note: once per two month woils be fine)
  • The whole point of maintaing a relationship is getting but giving also!
  • Attend the events holding by companies earlier and be a observer!
  • Keep in touch with the recruiters!

Written by Yi Li(Tom)




Review of last week

This week I have learned how to organize a discussion , know CQ drive and CQ knowledge. And after talking with two Lisa , I know a lot of things about American students life. They have a big family than Chinese students and they live in a more free life.

The most important thing is that we start a marketing about Qdoba. During the process, I have learned how to do a research in english and also develop my communication skills.

Review week (Lu Li)

We did a lot last week. We read CQ drive and CQ knowledge. We had health check. But there are three things that are most important.

First, we went to meet with the manager in Qdoba and we will try to make marketing plan. It is really a good opportunity to practice.

Second, we learned a lot about student organizations from Resource Fair, Alex, Yasi, Lisa and Leisa. I knew I have to figure out how to balance between study and activities.

Third, we met the CEO of the spinlife and learned the difference between working for a big company and a small one and the challenges to start a new company. After that, we ate at the North Market. Jeni’s ice cream was really great, especially the salty caramel flavor. Thank you for bringing us there to eat, Eric.

This evening, we had a wonderful hotpot at Bob’s. It was so nice. Thank you so much, Bob.




Three important things I learned from SILP and two things I would like to know (Lu Li)

Three important things I learned from SILP:

  1. I learned a lot about culture intelligence. I learned how to make friends with Americans, how to adapt the study environment and try to appreciate different food and culture and respect people from different countries. I am also become more confident by practicing many presentations and group discussions.
  2. I learned a lot about the university and students organizations. It helps me to develop a plan for my four-year study.
  3. I met many important people: Eric, Miranda, Bob, Dean West… And I will meet the president on Tuesday.

Two things I would like to know :

  1. I want to know more about making friends with Americans. What behavior and word is considered rude and how to keep in contact with them.
  2. I would like to know more about writing to professors. What the title should be and how to write properly.

Review the week(08.11~08.17)

This week, I’ve learned about so many valuable things such as PPT Skills, how to write thank you letter and note as well as hearing from business people’s sincere experience.

Other than that, I’ve figured out where to live and solved some other stuff like choosing utility company and knowing where the grocery market is.


Last week review for tom(YI LI)

Last week we’ve done a lot of work. Most important things are the trip to spinlife and the information from teachers and students about the clubs and academic.

We need to balance the time between clubs and academic. We now are preparing to set up one by ourselves. Amazing! I will participate in indusry cluster too. And considering the internship or study program when I ask jane. Actually, I now realize that our advisor jane is so important to us, although jane is so kind. So I will contact her more.

About the journey in spinlife. It was so great. I learn that I need a small company’s internship as well as big company’s. I also know the importance of having variots kinda of classes. I realized that my choice of a math minor is great! People in spinlife is so great. It is really an amazing company!

Hot pot with Bob and Eric in this afternoon was amazing!



About Me

I like reading books while having coffee, sitting at a cafe or on a chair in a park where I can scent fresh air or flower.

I think I’m good at listening and traveling without specific plan.

I’d like to become an author, accountant, and a reporter

Elevator Pitch

1. 10 words – Hi, I’m SeungMin Jeong, (it might be difficult for you, you can call me “mean” like “what do you mean”) international student at fisher college.


2. 25 words – Hi, My name is SeungMin Jeong, international student at fisher college. I’m studying accounting and finance. I’m currently looking for an opportunity to have experience from field.


3. 50 words – Hi, My name is SeungMin Jeong, international student at fisher college. I’m studying accounting and finance. I’m currently looking for an opportunity to have experience from field. If you don’t mind, I’d like to ask some advice and present myself that I’m a prepared applicant having ability to do tasks.


My plan

I am good at chemistry, physics, math, painting, finding delicious food.

I like eating, chatting, traveling, reading novels, working, swimming, cooking and telling jokes.

My five dreaming jobs are accountant, achitect, teacher, CEO and CFO

Lu Li’s future plan

I am good at cooking, swimming, skating and traveling.

I like cooking, watching movies and TV series, reading, shopping, having dinner with my family, talking with friends, painting and dancing.

I want to be a painter, designer, cook, writer and the owner of a café.