Via Divina: The Celtic Way for Faculty June 24 to July 23

Wander with God this Summer

In the Celtic tradition of Christianity pilgrims didn’t have a definite destination. They only knew and trusted the trinitarian God who called them as they headed out. This could be a description of the past year which has felt like a time of wandering for many people. We long for some anchor in this uncertainty.

Similar to the Digital Camino last year, this summer InterVarsity Faculty Ministry is offering an opportunity to find that anchor.

Take time to engage with the Triune God—the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit—as we explore the roots and branches of the biblical Christianity practiced by early Celtic followers of Jesus. If you long for a way to practice the presence of God in the midst of this time, on your campus, and in your community, join us this summer.

Here’s a taste of what’s ahead.

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