ESN Conversation with Jonathan Dodson about his book Our Good Crisis

From Bob Trube:

When the ESN Conversation with Jonathan Dodson about his book Our Good Crisis before the Covid-19 virus became a global pandemic and most of our country went on lockdown. Little did I realize how Flyer with photos of author and  the book jacketrelevant his discussion of the Beatitude virtues would be in a time where our moral virtues are under a trial of duress—whether from being cooped up with family, pressures of a changed work environment, facing financial challenges, or anxieties connected with the illness.

This important conversation, will be occurring on April 17 at 1 pm Eastern Daylight Time. For security reasons, we invite you to request a web link for the webinar. We will also send you a discount code for Jonathan Dodson’s book. RSVP to Bob Trube to register.

David Brooks wrote in a recent New York Times column:

“I’m reminded that this is a time to practice aggressive friendship with each other — to be the one who seeks out the lonely and the troubled. It’s also true that character is formed in times like this. People see deeper into themselves, bravely learn what their pain is teaching them, and become wiser and softer as a result.”

I hope you will join us this Friday to consider how your character might be formed in this time.



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