A message from the Ohio Fair Managers Association about Fairs in 2021

Looking forward to 2021, this was the message in response to the Governor’s veto of SB 375 from the Ohio Fair Managers Association (OFMA):

While the Ohio Fair Managers Association is disappointed in Governor DeWine’s decision to veto SB 375, we remain optimistic that thoughtful conversations will continue about how the 2021 fair season will proceed.

The Ohio legislature demonstrated their commitment to 2021 fair season by passing SB 375 expeditiously and we thank them. We also take Governor DeWine at his word when he says in the veto message that it is essential to work with the General Assembly and the fair boards on a plan to move forward.

The Governor was correct in his veto message that he and the legislature have worked to provide financial relief to county fairs to help us weather this storm. We certainly appreciate that support and lifeline, but is not going to be sustainable for our long term financial survival. The OFMA looks forward to continuing discussions on how to have safe, full fairs for the 2021 season. We know our communities value these events that are steeped in tradition and OFMA remains commitment to advocating on their behalf.