Fairfield County Cattleman’s Association: Are you a member?

Several have asked, “How can I become a member of the Fairfield County Cattleman’s Association?” It’s simple . . . you may choose one of three ways:

  • If you are a resident of Fairfield County, the easiest way is to simply join the Ohio Cattlemen’s Association (OCA). The base fee for OCA membership is $75 annually. The by-laws of the Fairfield County Cattleman’s Association (FCCA) allow that any member of the OCA who resides in Fairfield County is automatically a member of the FCCA. OCA members receive the Ohio Cattleman magazine, the OCA Cattlegram newsletter, The Ring Directory, the OCA Calendar, number of direct member benefits and several other incentives. If you’d like to join, or renew your membership to OCA, simply follow this link.
  • Regardless of where you live, the second alternative for joining FCCA is to buy a one time lifetime FCCA membership for $25.
  • Again, regardless your residense, if you prefer to join FCCA one year at a time, the third membership option is by paying the annual membership dues of $5. You can find an FCCA membership form linked here in PDF format.

The FCCA is one of more than 60 official “county affiliates” of the Ohio Cattlemen’s Association. In turn, the OCA is an affiliate of the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association (NCBA). In case you didn’t know, NCBA employs full time staff to represent the interests of the beef cattle industry in Washington D.C. If you’re wondering what they worked on to the benefit of cattlemen in 2015 and why, see the video below by Colin Woodall of the NCBA Washington office.

To list just a few, in the video you will learn why NCBA opposed Country of Origin Labeling, why they supported efforts to permanently pass the Section 179 in the IRS code, their position on the new dietary guidelines, why they have aggressively opposed the EPA’s WOTUS rule, and how important the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) is to the value of U.S. cattle.

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