Cattlemen are eligible for CFAP financial relief

Depending on size, type and marketing status, cattlemen are eligible for $33 to $214 payments/head from the CFAP administered through Farm Service Agency.

Last month USDA began accepting applications for the Coronavirus Food Aid Program (CFAP), a relief program for farmers impacted by the coronavirus pandemic. Eligible livestock for the CFAP includes cattle, lambs, yearlings and hogs. Non-specialty commodities that are eligible include malting barley, canola, corn, upland cotton, millet, oats, soybeans, sorghum, sunflowers, durum wheat, and hard red spring wheat, as well as wool. Specialty crops included in the program are, but not limited to, almonds, beans, broccoli, sweet corn, lemons, iceberg lettuce, spinach, squash, strawberries and tomatoes.

Enrollment at Farm Service Agency (FSA) offices will continue through August 28, 2020. Participants do not need to have participated in FSA administered programs in the past to enroll. Depending on the age or class of the animal, and total program participation, cattlemen can be eligible to receive between $33 and $214 per head of cattle owned and/or sold between January 15 and May 14, 2020.

In the absence of the ability to meet with FSA staff face-to-face at this time due to the virus, there are presently two ways to apply for CFAP. First, cattlemen and eligible producers can Continue reading

Jr. Market Beef Numbers Grow Again!

Most market beef exhibitors since 2007!

On March 14, 2020, fifty nine (59) 4-H and FFA members weighed in a total of 84 beef feeder calves in preparation for the 2020 Fairfield County Fair’s finished market beef junior show. Of the 84 head tagged in on Saturday, 5 were heifers and 33 were bred, born and raised here in Fairfield County.

The average weight of the 84 calves weighed in was 763 pounds. Fifty nine exhibitors placing calves on feed in March for this project is the largest number in Fairfield County since Continue reading

Join us for the 32nd Annual Cattlemen’s Banquet, February 29

Attend, celebrate beef, and you’ll take home one of these!

Make your reservation today! The 32nd annual Fairfield County Cattleman’s Association banquet and annual meeting will be held Saturday, February 29 in the Fairfield County Ag Center (831 College Avenue, Lancaster) with registration beginning at 6 p.m. Supper will feature beef brisket!

Tickets are $10 for adults, and $5 for children under the age of 12. Youth 5 and under are free. Plus, all 2019 Fairfield County Junior beef exhibitors will be admitted free!

The evening’s festivities will include the honoring last year’s Jr. beef exhibitors, the awarding of the cattlemen’s college scholarships (trivia: did you know since 1999 when the college scholarship program was begun, the FCCA has awarded a total of $29,000 in scholarships to local youth?), and a brief industry update. And as in the recent past, the annual auction will also highlight the evening!

For more information about the banquet please contact Ray Breagel, FCCA President at (740) 503-3120 or make your reservations (including Junior beef exhibitors – we need your reservations too) by clicking on this link or by leaving a message with Stan Smith, anytime 24/7, at OSU Extension in Fairfield County at 740-277-4633.

Upcoming Beef Cattle Related Programs and Events: Hold these dates!

The annual Banquet is always a highlight!

Between now and spring there are a number of beef cattle related events for cattlemen of all ages to pick and choose from. Get these dates on your calendar:

January 30, 2020, 10 a.m. – 2 p.m., Claylick Run Farm Sale Facility, near Newark, Licking County
Ohio Beef Cow/Calf Workshop session #1 focusing on alternative feeds and forages, and managing beef brood cow nutrition. Discussion led by Dr. Francis Fluharty.

January 30, 2020, 6 p.m., OSU Newark Campus in Licking County
Ohio Beef Cattle Nutrition and Management School session #1; repeat of the January 29th session in northern Ohio focusing on utilizing small grains in the diets of all ages and production groups of beef cattle, utilizing alternative forages, by-product feeds and Continue reading

Programs Explore Producing Live Calves, Resulting in High-Quality Beef

Cost has not been a deterrent . . . consumers want high quality beef!

Beef cattle educational programs planned for early in 2020 have been designed to help Ohio cattlemen take full advantage of what’s expected to be continued strength in the beef cattle sector throughout the coming year.

Despite total U.S. beef production being up in 2019 over last year, demand for beef remains strong. While the progress with recent trade agreements certainly bodes well for prices, much of the strength in demand domestically is for high-quality beef as indicated by a weekly Choice-Select spread that has averaged $22.84/cwt. since June, compared to $12.09/cwt. for the same period last year.

Over this decade, cattlemen have made significant progress in the Continue reading

Beef, and the Fair!

With the Fair less than two weeks away, make your plans now to attend, and participate, and enjoy!

First, as always, the Fairfield County Cattleman’s Association “Steak” Trailer will be in it’s usual location – northwest of the track and across from the beef barn – serving the best beef sandwiches on the grounds. This year’s menu again features two great old-time favorites . . . the Cattleman’s ribeye steak sandwich, and the 6 oz. cheeseburger! Perhaps best of all, the menu features locally grown beef, harvested and processed right here at Bay Packing, and served by the folks who are involved in raising it. If you and your family would enjoy serving a shift in the trailer, there are only a few shifts remaining available. Simply check in with local Cattlemen’s Association President Ray Breagel (740-503-3120) and he’ll get you signed up. The majority of the proceeds from the Steak Trailer go to support local Continue reading

Beef Barn Sponsor Provides Mulch Bedding!

Thanks to Aaron Bickle for sponsoring the mulch bedding for the beef barn!

When it was announced last spring that beef exhibitors at this year’s Fairfield County Fair would need to bring their own bedding, the Directors of Fairfield County Cattlemen’s Association went to work in an effort to secure a sponsor for the barn, including the mulch bedding. Today, the Cattlemen are pleased to announce that Aaron Bickle of Bickle Insurance Services has generously agreed to be the sponsor of the Beef Barn for the 2019 Fairfield County Fair, and provide free mulch bedding for each exhibitor!

The Cattlemen have made arrangements for the mulch to be delivered to the Fairgrounds and the Fair Board has agreed to have the mulch bedding placed into the beef barn by mid week, prior to the Fair. However, in order to provide the mulch, the Cattlemen and the Beef Show Superintendents need to know how many head each exhibitor or club plans to house at the Fair.

In order that stalling assignments can be made, and to receive the free mulch and it be placed in the barn prior to the fair, each exhibitor’s advisor was asked to  Continue reading

The Steak Trailer; Featuring local beef served by the Cattlemen who raise it!

The Warthman’s will be at your service during the first shift on Sunday, the 6th!

Years ago, innovative merchandisers such as Colonel Sanders, Bob Evans, and Orvil Reddenbacher discovered the benefit of associating the face of the producer to the product that was being marketed. The same benefits are evident at “commodity” food stands located at places like State and County Fairs . . . none the least of which is the Fairfield County Fair. It can only add to consumer confidence in a product when they know producers and their families are willing to “show their face” at the point of Continue reading

Cattleman’s Summer Picnic!

Make plans now to join us for a late summer cattleman’s picnic on Saturday, August 17. This is a joint effort of Ohio’s Shorthorn breeders and the Fairfield County Cattleman’s Association. The whole family is invited! Hosted by the Logsdon family at Foster Farms (6355 Julian Road, Amanda), this will be an opportunity to relax and visit with not only local cattlemen, but also other cattlemen from across Ohio.

Fellowship will begin at noon with lunch served at 1 p.m. Meat, drink and paper products will be provided . . . all you need to bring is a covered dish or desert to share, and your lawn chair.

As you know all too well, hay quality became a huge concern for cattlemen last winter. Considering the weather we experienced this spring, early indications are that overall hay quality is even worse this year. Shortly after Continue reading

Hay Quality is Poor!

A forage probe for sampling hay might be the most valuable tool you can use in 2019!

To suggest that it’s been challenging to get quality hay made this year is an understatement. Much like last year, until near the end of June it was nearly impossible to find enough days in a row that allowed for the harvest of dry hay. In fact, the National Ag Statistics Service (NASS) has estimated that only 60% of Ohio’s first cutting hay harvest was completed by the first of July.

To further confirm concerns for the quality of much of the hay that’s been harvested, a recent forage analysis on some Fairfield County mixed grass hay that was mowed on June 25th and baled on June 29 – after also getting lightly rained on once – came back showing 6.85% protein and 38.02% TDN (total digestible nutrients) on a dry matter basis. The ADF (acid detergent fiber) was 51.63% and the NDF (neutral detergent fiber) was 65.51%.

While that level of protein might be tolerable for a dry cow in mid-gestation, the other quality factors indicated by this sample of hay – TDN, ADF and NDF – indicate that when fed as long stem hay, even when offered in unlimited amounts, it simply won’t satisfy the total nutritional requirements of a cow at any time during the year. That includes Continue reading