FCBC Mission

Study the adequacy and other attributes of the university’s policies and provisions for:

(1) Salaries, outside professional services and supplemental compensation;

(2) Retirement benefits, hospitalization and medical insurance and other health benefits, life insurance, other insurance, travel reimbursement, educational benefits, recreational benefits, and other perquisites, benefits, and conditions of faculty employment.


The various categories of faculty currently employed at OSU is summarized here:

Categories of Faculty by Rank, Title & Code



FCBC Website – Structure and Purpose

This website was created with the goal of promoting and facilitating communication between the FCBC and the faculty they represent. The current page structure (with content currently under development) reflects the main areas of compensation and benefits that fall within the purview of our committee.

The content appearing on the pages themselves does not allow for feedback. For that, the visitor is directed to our Blog Page, where each topic or report will have a summary blog post allowing for (moderated) comments on the report or topic.

Readers wishing to contact the committee directly may do so by emailing us at SEN-FCBC@osu.edu (note: email sent to this address will be shared with the full committee. Individual members should be contacted through their regular personal email).

Finally, visitors so inclined may subscribe to this website by clicking on the “Subscribe” tab appearing in the lower right-hand corner of this page.


Current Report

FCBC Annual Report 2017-2018


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