Legal issues can be very stressful on the farm finances and the farm family. A change in regulation or a disputed land issue are among many legal challenges a farm can face.

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Below are resources to help you navigate legal issues.

Finding Representation

OSU Extension maintains a list of Ohio attorneys who represent agricultural clients. This list is not a recommendation, just a resource to help you find the right representation for your legal issue. The list can be downloaded at

To find an Ohio lawyer, visit the Ohio State Bar Association’s website at

Ohio Legal Aid Offices provide free legal advice or legal representation for people who cannot afford it. They have offices is several Ohio cities. To find a list of those cities with links to find local offices, visit

Staying Informed

The OSU Farm Office is a one-stop shop for navigating the legal and economic challenges of agricultural production. They provide several resources in the area of agricultural and resource law and farm management and profitability. Visit the Farm Office website at

Subscribe to the OSU Extension Agricultural and Resource Law Blog and stay on top of current legal and legislative issues that could affect your agriculture business. Visit the Ohio Ag Law Blog at and then click “Subscribe.”

Visit the Farm Office Law Library website to find a comprehensive collection of law bulletins, fact sheets and guides on a vast variety of topics including Property Law, Farm Leases, Home Food Production and much more at

Related Services

The Ohio Attorney General’s Office has nearly 30 sections that serve Ohio citizens. These include Employment Law, Taxation, Unemployment and many more. Find a link to these departments on their website at

The Ohio Department of Agriculture has help available through their “We’ve Got Your Back” website full of resources to deal with farm stress. Visit the site at

Ohio Office of Child Support is maintained within the Department of Job and Family Services. Find contact information, FAQs and links to additional resources at