Tensions of Farm Succession Webinar

Tensions of Farm Succession Webinar
Tuesday, February 22
3:00 – 4:00 p.m. ET

For many farms, transferring the farm to a next generation is the ultimate legacy goal, especially when transferring within the family. But it’s not all rainbows and roses. Farmers focus on the technical details of transferring assets, much like machinery repair: if you put the right nut with the corresponding bolt … voila, you have a plan. But succession planning involves humans, with corresponding emotions. Research around farm succession has identified several “tensions” that can cause stress during the planning process. Those areas of tensions include:

  • Financial concerns
  • Control
  • Change
  • Inheritance distribution
  • Communication

If farm families/farm partners can identify their potential tensions and approach the plan with their tensions in mind, they can avoid some of the common “stalls” or pitfalls many farms face. This webinar will discuss these tensions and ideas on how to address them, including the value of a facilitator to help navigate potentially stressful but necessary conversations. Continue reading

Zoller Receives Top OSU Extension Ag Educator Award

Chris Zoller (l) is awarded the 2021 Steve D. Ruhl Outstanding ANR County Extension Educator Award by Sam Custer (r), Interim Director, OSU Extension ANR

Chris Zoller, Tuscarawas County Agricultural and Natural Resources Educator, has been awarded the Steve D. Ruhl Outstanding Agricultural and Natural Resources County Extension Educator for 2021. This honor is presented annually to the agricultural educator who shows exemplary leadership and dedication to his work on behalf of OSU Extension.

Nominated by his peers, Chris’ work on addressing farm stressors and mental health were often cited as examples of his leadership. He has presented at numerous in-services on the topic of farm stress and worked closely with the Rural and Farm Stress task force to break down the stigma of mental health issues on the farm. Continue reading

National Poll Shows COVID-19 Taking Heavy Toll on Farmers’ Mental Health

In a recent article from the American Farm Bureau, a strong majority of farmers/farmworkers say the pandemic has impacted their mental health. The article states that more than half say they are personally experiencing more mental health challenges than they were a year ago. This is all according to an American Farm Bureau poll.

The results of the new poll clearly demonstrate that the COVID-19 pandemic is having broad-ranging impacts among rural adults and farmers/farmworkers. Key findings include: Continue reading

Do You Get the Winter Blues?

By Bridget Britton Behavioral Health Field Specialist

Those that work in the agriculture industry know that it doesn’t matter the time of year, it is always busy. The Winter season is no different it just has its own unique demands. However, there may be other things going on in our bodies right now. During this time of year, many people often begin expressing a feeling of sadness or mild depression. Did you know that feeling sad during this time of year is very typical, and many people suffer from Seasonal Affect Disorder?

What is Seasonal Affect Disorder (SAD)?

  • A type of depression that typically lasts 4-5 months a year during the winter months
  • There are many different types of potential signs just to list a few:
    • Feeling sad, lonely, depressed for more than 2 weeks
    • Tired, sluggish, upset
    • Loss of appetite, having low energy, or thoughts of suicide.

Continue reading