Ready, Set, Go Analysis


If you can’t go back and find the information you need to analyze 2015 in the Ohio Farm Business Analysis and Summary program you would be a good candidate for our new North Central Extension Risk Management grant program. Through the Ready, Set, Go program, you will learn what financial and production information to keep and how to collect it in real time.

By the end of 2016 you will have everything needed to analyze how your farm business performed and you will learn how to use your numbers when making financial, production and risk management decisions.

  • Ready, Set, Go: will help your farm:

– Identify additional information needed for a complete analysis.

– Provide tools for data collection.

  • Choose from classes, on-line webinars or videos along with personal assistance to guide you through the year from start to finish with a Farm Business Analysis.


Program cost:

$500 per farm includes up to 3 on-farm consultations.

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