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Welcome to farm profitability!  By working with the Ohio Farm Benchmarketing Program, we will complete a financial analysis of your farming operation.  This analysis will help you understand where your areas of profitability are in the business.  We will give you tools to understand what the numbers mean.  Finally, you will be able to compare your farm business to similar businesses across Ohio to see how you stack up to the competition.  There may be an area of expense you can work on reducing or another area of the business where you are able to make management decisions for a profitable future for your farm family.

NEW – 2014 Calendar Year Input Forms are now available!  Click on the “Input Forms” tab above to download the forms for your farm.

If your farm is interested in an analysis:

Dianne Shoemaker     shoemaker.3@osu.edu

Christina Benton         benton.132@osu.edu


Please refer others from your county or area.