Welcome to the FARM: Field Application Resource Monitor

Water quality is important to all Ohioans, and we all impact our watersheds. In recent years, Ohio farmers have taken significant positive steps toward limiting the negative impacts on water quality that come from the loss of sediment and nutrients from their fields. FARM allows users to define their locations of interest and receive 12- and 24-hour precipitation forecasts to aid in the application of fertilizer, manure, and/or pesticides. FARM utilizes a database of historical forecasts allowing users to search previous dates. Users can choose to create an account to track multiple fields (up to five fields), explore statewide conditions in a quick-view, and sign-up to receive email alerts (text alerts coming soon).

This project is made possible through a Connect and Collaborate Grant, a program supporting innovative and scholarly engagement programs that leverage academic excellence of The Ohio State University in mutually beneficial ways with external partners.