Who is Sohail?

Edit (7/25/2021): I now have my own professional website at that I will be updating in place of this website.

My name is Sohail Farhangi and I am currently a Ph.D. candidate here at The Ohio State University. My primary areas of research are Combinatorics and Ergodic Theory. Feel free to take a look at my teaching resources or my mathematical works in the tabs to the left. Please don’t hesistate to email me at farhangi (dot) 3 (at) osu (dot) edu if you would like to speak to me about my research or my teaching resources.

I will be applying to post doctoral positions and other mathematical jobs in the Fall of 2021 and I will be graduating with my Ph.D. in the Spring or Summer of 2022.

My other interests include (but are not limited to) Brazilian Jiujitsu, reading manga, watching competitive starcraft 2, weightlifting, and cats.