COVID-19 Around the World Panel

Zoom Link

Wednesday April 22, 2020 – 9:00 am – 10:30 am

I attended the zoom event this morning with my dad actually. When he heard about the event he was extremely interested to we sat and listened together. The event took place with IA friends from around the world to get their insight on how the pandemic is affecting their countries and ways of life. This event very clearly relates to International Affairs since it discussed a significant topic that is impacting the entire globe, and we got to hear the different perspectives on the outbreak from around the world. We discussed not only people’s individual situations living in different countries during this time as well as the federal response from nation’s leaders. I had some questions about how the individuals were being affected and how the countries were handling the situation as a whole, and whether their populations were happy with the way things were being handled. All my questions were answered by the guests though, and in a very informative and sophisticated way. The guests were all clearly educated and I loved listening to them. The event definitely impacted me, I feel I’ve gained new perspectives on the pandemic and it was comforting to know that in some ways we’re all going through the same thing together. Personally it was a great way to feel connected during this time of isolation.

Documentary Screening of Vinyl Generation and Q&A with producer Jeffrey Brown

Hagerty Hall — Room 180

Tuesday February 18, 2020 — 7:30 – 9:00 pm

I attended the documentary screening of the Vinyl Generation with my roommate Jenna. The producer of the film, Jeffrey Brown, was in attendance to talk about the film and answer some questions after the screening. The event told the story of the revolution in Prague mainly, and the role that music – especially alternative music – played in it. We watched as people told stories of illegally selling and trading records and starting bands and going to concerts, all with the risk of undercover state agents catching them at any point. Punishments ranged from a small warning to getting the then teenagers expelled from school. The event relates to international affairs because it provided an insight into the revolution in the 80s in a part of the world we hear about a lot in terms of their government, but not so much from the civilians themselves. Witnessing these artists discuss how music brought them all together in a time of great unrest was very inspiring. I loved learning about the individual people and their stories during the time and how they rebelled through music, something us youth today just see as a normal everyday part of our lives. It made me realize what a big part of my life music is, how it has impacted me personally. It also reminded me how universal music is, and how powerful it can really be. I was curious as to why Jeffrey Brown chose this subject to focus on in this movie and what his favorite part of filming was.

Food Insecurity and Mental Health: An Unexplored Global Health Concern

U.S. Bank Conference Theater – Ohio Union

February 2, 2020 3:00 P.M. – Academic

I attended the discussion on food insecurity as it relates to mental health on Sunday. The even related to International Affairs with its focus on the global impact of mental health as a result of food insecurity. Food insecurity is a major problem in places all over the world, including the United States. Along with that, the issue of mental health is a universal concern, but before this even I had never thought of them together. One physical problem seems so pressing you overlook what that does to families mentally. I wondered what solutions there were to aiding these people not only with their nutritional needs but their mental needs as well. I am studying psychology right now so anything that has to do with our mental state and what effects it as humans interests me greatly. The event definitely impacted me, it inspired me to look past baseline problems and think more about digging deeper to root issues that may be overlooked in many cases. I am very passionate about helping others around the world as well as our mental health and the state of our minds, I feel it is the most important thing. This event was the perfect mix of those passions and it reminds me of my personal goals to go out and help others live better, healthier lives in every aspect.

Elephants and DJs: Disability in Post-Soviet Russian Comics

Area Studies at University Libraries Global Comic Lecture Series (Campus)

Thompson Library – Room 165

January 30, 2020 4:00 – 5:30 pm

I attended the lecture and presentation by Dr. José Alaniz on disabilities in comics during the post-soviet Russian era. I attended the event with my roommate Jenna. The event discussed the atmosphere as well as the perception of disabled during the time and how it progressed in the area, if at all, and what it looks like currently. Dr. Alaniz explained the ignorance and prejudice that exists when it comes to the topic and reality of disabilities, and the lack of serious support for that community. I was shocked to see how dismissive and dehumanizing the majority of society is to their fellow citizens. Dr. Alaniz talked about accurate representation for disabled peoples and how crucial it is for not only other disabled people but for everyone to realize and understand how similar and capable they are. This event does not directly align with what I’m studying, but I’m extremely interested in learning about other culture’s beliefs and how they can be influenced from something as basic as a comic book. Different comics promoted different viewpoints or attitudes on disability, and break down social barriers.

JUROS Research Panel

The Journal of Undergraduate Research at Ohio State, Research Panel (Academic)

Lazenby Hall – Room 21

November 21, 2019 5:45 – 6:45 pm

I attended the Churros with JUROS research panel tonight in Lazenby Hall, and I attended the event with my roommate. The event relates to coursework that I am taking this semester as well as coursework I will continue to take in the future. I am on a pre-medicine track with a Psychology degree, so research is a big part of what I am studying. Research in both medical and psychological sciences are a big part of how the fields make advancements. During the event, I had questions about how those on the panel got involved in research in the first place and how they managed it with all of their other commitments. The panelists gave great insight on the different approaches to getting involved in research and the importance of time management, as well as what the work load looks like depending on what lab you’re in. The event definitely impacted me, it helped me figure out my next steps in terms of getting involved with research as well as what I should expect and how I should approach the whole experience. Overall, the event intersects directly with my academic career goals in terms of my study of Psychology and possibly applying for graduate or medical school in the future.


Screening of Emmanuel

Office of Diversity and Inclusion Screening of “Emmanuel” (Campus)

Performance Hall – Ohio Union

November 20, 2019 7:00 – 9:00 pm

I attended this event with my roommate, we got dinner and then went and watched the movie and listened to the panel at the end. The event relates heavily to IA as it addressed and discussed societal issues, racial issues, and the chain effect that the U.S. exemplifies still today. The idea of diversity in our own country and how we handle it is something I feel should be dealt with before we can involve ourselves in other countries issues. International Affairs is all about studying political and societal aspects and how our individual differences and diversity factors into those topics. I didn’t have any questions throughout the event, and the panel at the end answered anything I would have thought of later on. The event definitely impacted me greatly, on a personal level. I strive to be a good advocate of the importance of celebrating our differences and embracing the mixing pot America is supposedly known to be, however I did not understand the depth of the situation regarding the racial tension among the American people still today. I learned so much more about the divide and the different standards that exist. I was also educated on ways to work towards an end to these injustices in our society, how I can use my voice and be apart of the change. Personally, I want to use my role in society to promote positive change, and from now on be the positive change I wish to see, as well as help educate others like myself, who may have thought they were aware when they really had no idea the depth of the situation.

Global Engagement Night

Global Engagement Night (Campus)

Enarson Classroom Building Room 160

6:00 – 7:00 PM

I attended the Global Engagement Night on Tuesday this week with my roommate. Before we started we even all participated in an ice breaker game of Simon Says, fighting for the reward of some candy! After returning inside we settled into small groups and listened to a excellent presentation about Columbus Day as well as Indigenous Peoples Day. We discussed the history of the holiday as well as were well informed on some of the rich history and culture present in Indigenous Peoples all over the world. This event related to International Affairs in general because we talked about different perceptions of Columbus Day before opening up to being informed about international Indigenous cultures and their past. Especially discussing the oppression and long lasting effects of the Native people especially in America really is like. The event left me extremely curious to learn more about the Indigenous culture in our own country and see what action is being taken to rectify past mistakes and terrible discriminations against these people. The event truly impacted me and how I looked at things regarding our nation’s past and how we handle past wronging. I learned a lot about a culture I had never really delved into in U.S History class, and caught myself being blind to cultural appropriation against Native people that still occurs today in the form of Halloween costumes and Sports Teams. This definitely intersects with my personal goals of being more aware of whats going on around me outside my ethnic background and heritage. I love learning about other cultures and I believe regardless of what walk of life you’re on it’s so important to know and understand as much history as possible in order to learn from it and move forward in a more positive way.

Preforming Afghanistan

Preforming Afghanistan (professional development)

Tuesday, October 7, 2019 (7;00 pm – 8:30 pm)

Wexner Center for Arts

The part of the event that was most interesting to me was the photography presentation and guest speaker Joël van Houdt that took place at 7:00 pm. He was joined by his wife on stage as they shared their experience working as a journalist and photographer in Afghanistan with locals hoping to flee or Afghan refugees from all over the country. The exhibition of his photos were centered in Cabo, and told the story of where these refugees flee and how far across the globe they spread. He followed their struggles after the U.S. pulled out of Afghanistan and the panic and instability that ensued. I think this was an extremely moving presentation and showcased what a huge impact every country can have on another and the aid or trouble they can cause for individuals. It depicted the hardships the refugees have to face as they desperately attempt to travel through Asia into Europe in hopes of a more stable and safe existence. Joël also mentioned how he participated in such a monumental task to show those still in Afghanistan what their fellow countrymen were going through. This relates to IA through the different countries involved, the refugees and their struggles while trying to seek asylum, as well as the discussion of transnational impact that we all have on each other. Unfortunately we ran out of time, but I was very curious to see the kind of struggles van Houdt and his wife might’ve faced trying to showcase these stories apart from strange reactions or weird stares. This event definitely reinforced my perception of refugees and deepened my empathy toward their troubles. It also was very eye opening to see the negative impact American withdrawal had on the country, as usually we are not portrayed as the unhelpful in our own country. This event mostly intersected with my professional and personal goals. I love learning about cultures and people’s stories or behaviors or thought processes because of those cultures, as well as the fact that I hope to one day be an advocate for refugees or help however possible.

IA mini-involvement fair

IA mini-involvement fair (campus)

Wednesday, September 11, 2019 from 6:00-7:00 pm

Lawn between Smith-Steeb and Park-Stradley

Today I attended the IA mini-involvement fair conveniently located just outside my dorm with my roommate to see a bit more as to what there is to get involved in on campus. There were about 15-20 clubs and organizations on campus that attended, and it was nice to get a more intimate and less intimidating opportunity to learn a bit more about options to get involved. The campus is extremely large, and the day of the Involvement Fair was so crazy I did not have a chance to see any of the booths I saw today that first week of school. It was great to learn about clubs I may be interested in that I would never have known existed if I did not attend this event! I think this event relates to IA in a lot of ways; a majority of the clubs you saw there had aspects or were based off of major topics we discuss and learn about in IA. Exploring political views, diversity and multicultural organizations, and learning about each other as people maybe more scientifically like in the Anthropology Public Outreach Club (which I put my name down for). I didn’t have any questions that members of the group or organization couldn’t answer, I got all the information flyers and signed up for a couple emails to see if I can fit anything into my schedule. The event further sparked my interest in Anthropology specifically, which I had been sort of hoping to learn more about what it was about just from hearing the guest speaker at the last IA meeting as well as interests sprouting in my Psychology class I’m taking. I think the event intersected somewhat with my academic goals, it encouraged me to explore my interests a bit more, but personally it definitely hit home. The Buckeyethon was calling me significantly, I was very excited to learn more and have the opportunity to get involved with things like that on campus while here at OSU. I was moved by how much OSU brings in every year and would love if I could be apart of something so much bigger than myself like that, I’ve always had an interest in helping people and doing all I can, especially when it comes to kids! Overall I’m very glad I went and got to see more of OSU!

Social Event

IA + PSL + ACES + HSS Cookout (Social)
Thursday, August 29th from 6:00-8:00 PM
Park-Stradley Lawn/Smith-Steeb Lawn
     Attending this event with so many other students from a handful of different scholars program was a great way to learn more about other programs as well as further connect with people from my own program! It did open my eyes to what different scholars programs do with their participants, how they are set up compared to IA as well as how they interact with each other and their leaders. It changed some of my beliefs as to what I thought other scholars programs were all about, for example I believed the Health and Science Scholars (HSS) were probably all on the pre-med track and heavily focused on the science aspect of academics. However, after further discussing with others in the program, I learned they actually place a lot of emphasis on the social aspect of healthcare, and dive deeper into what healthcare means to different people. Like International Affairs, they also provide resources to connect with basically anyone on campus, discuss research opportunities, and even discuss study abroad options for their students. I believe this event relates to the topic of International Affairs through the people. The event gave me the opportunity to learn more about other people’s backgrounds and how they ended up where they are now. Academically I got to see what kinds of classes other people around me are taking and how it’s going and hear about different plans at OSU, but I think this event was most beneficial personally for me. Just talking to my peers and connecting to other people with similar work ethic or interests made OSU feel a bit more like home. The event sort of ties into what we talk about in my survey class. It is a psychology survey and it’s all about interaction with others and attending events, utilizing available resources and expanding your world on campus and I think that is was this event did for me. After attending my only questions would be for other students and perspectives on their scholars programs and maybe some of the benefits they use within the programs to move forward in school.