About Ohio’s FCE Network

The Ohio State University’s Ohio Statewide Family Engagement Center is a proud partner of the Ohio Department of Education’s State Support Teams, working to enhance and expand family and community engagement in Ohio. Together, OSU and the ODE have established the Family and Community Engagement Network—a Community of Practice dedicated to advancing and supporting collaboration.

The Ohio Family and Community Engagement Network is a group of dedicated education professionals from across Ohio, comprised of representatives from each of Ohio’s regions, along with organizations whose work supports families of diverse learners, including students with disabilities. The network collaboratively researches, develops and supports the implementation of tools and strategies for regional teams and school districts to effectively engage and empower families and communities. Through the network’s activities to support strong family/school partnerships, family and community needs and strengths are recognized and prioritized at every level, resulting in improved student and family outcomes and better school climates.

Annual Report on Ohio’s State Support Team (SST) Family Engagement Practices

Resources for SSTs and School Districts

The FCE Network has work groups that focus on specific topics, such as Family Engagament in PBIS, and Family Engagment in Early Literacy.

For more information, contact OhioSFEC@osu.edu