Through a combination of planning, evaluation, and capacity building skills, the CETE Results Management Team at The Ohio State University will come alongside you to empower your organization, community, or school to make informed decisions.


Thoughtful and effective planning is crucial to the success of any program, organization or community.  The CETE Results Management Team (RMT) lends its collective expertise by analyzing the environment, assessing needs, and empowering clients to achieve success. Insights speak to successful strategic planning, resource development and effectual policy recommendations.


Since 2002, RMT has designed and successfully implemented over 11 million dollars’ worth of evaluations for eleven grants across health, education, and workforce development. Even the best planned project needs to be evaluated. RMT’s evaluation process enables the collection and analysis of both quantitative and qualitative data. Thoughtful evaluation identifies opportunities for building organizational capacity and informs future program planning and policy decisions.


In 2006, the Ohio Family & Children First Cabinet Council recognized the quality of RMT’s work by designating it as a preferred provider of capacity-building training and technical assistance for its member agencies. Capacity improvement typically complements evaluation activities and yields powerful insights for current and future project improvements. As a program, project or team evolves, new challenges and opportunities require new skills.  Through coaching, manual development, and community and stakeholder engagement, RMT ensures that the assets employed in a project are utilized in the most effective way possible.

Partnering with Faculty and Staff at The Ohio State University

In addition to working with organizations outside of OSU, we are happy to say that our connections within the university have been growing stronger each year. We have successfully partnered with faculty from the College of Social Work, the College of Education and Human Ecology, and staff from Ohio State’s Research Methodology Center. These connections enhance our ability to serve our clients with advanced research methods and specific content expertise. These partnerships also open up doors for us to conduct research and evaluation projects within the university.

Project Descriptions

Click on the Logos below to see examples of how we have worked with the following agencies and communities:

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