Update November 2022

We are no longer recruiting new participants

Thank you to all Central Ohio parents who participated in the study!

Welcome to the Central Ohio Family Life Study!

We want to learn about the long-term effects the pandemic has had on your family.

We know families faced a lot of challenges during the pandemic. We want to know about that experience for you and your family, including how it affected parenting. Parents know that it can be easier or harder to parent their children depending on the time and the place. For example, parenting a tired child while grocery shopping can be much harder than parenting a child who is happily playing on a playground.

The Central Ohio Family Life Study is designed to look at how various factors – including where parents go during their daily lives – impact their stress levels and how they parent their child.

Funded by The Addiction Innovation Fund at The Ohio State University’s Office of Research, we hope that this study will lead to more research on how places can structured in ways that support positive parenting.