Market Livestock: Take Home Forms DUE at Weigh-In

Take Home Forms MUST be completed and turned in before the animal leaves the scale at your respective weigh-in. No EXCEPTIONS.

Take Home Forms: Market Hogs, Market Beef, Market Lambs, Market Goats, Dairy Feeders, and Market Rabbits will have the option to take home animals. NEW NCR (carbon copy) forms will be available from your Superintendent on weigh-in day. Forms must be completed and submitted before the animal crosses the scale. There is no reversal on the decision to take home once the forms are turned in.

Please read the info below (also available at regarding Take Homes and the 2022 Livestock Sale:

The 2022 Fairfield County Fair Junior Fair will have a partial terminal sale/show for all species. The only exception to this is the 8 champions that must be slaughtered and inspected at a designated packer according to ODA (grand/reserve market beef, grand/reserve market hog, grand/reserve market lamb, grand/reserve market goat). Take homes will be allowed for all species with the exception of those 8 declared grand/reserve champions. Take homes must be declared before the animal leaves the scale during check-in (no exceptions). Take home animals will lose their sale slot and will not be eligible for a premium and packer bid. Exhibitors who do not take home must qualify for their sale slot (as individual or group) at the discretion of the species show committee.

As a result, points for exhibitors of market animals to consider include:

  1. Since there is no packer bid available, all market turkeys, market chickens and market ducks will go back home at the conclusion of the Fair as in past years. No Exhibitor Intent to Take Market Animal Home affidavit is required for those poultry animals. Buyers of the Grand and Reserve Champion turkeys, chickens and ducks have the privilege of ‘keeping’ their purchases. Similar to 2016 and prior, beyond the champions it will be the responsibility of the exhibitor to decide whether to process their birds and give them to their sale buyer or market them privately.
  2. Exhibitors of all other market animals that have an opportunity to earn a sale slot must declare before they leave the scales during weigh-in at the beginning of the Fair if they will choose to take home a market animal by submitting the Exhibitor Intent to Take Market Animal Home Form (available at weigh-in).
  3. Per Ohio Department of Agriculture rules, the ‘live’ Champion and Reserve Champion market beef, market hogs, market lambs and market goats must go to slaughter and may not go home with the exhibitor regardless their choice during weigh-in prior to fair.
  4. Unless named Grand Champion or Reserve Grand Champion market beef, market hog, market lamb, market goat, market duck, market turkey, market chicken or dairy feeder calf during their respective Junior market show, animals designated by their exhibitor to go home after the fair will forfeit the opportunity to accept buyer add-on dollars or earn a livestock sale slot with that animal.
  5. Animals not designated by the exhibitor during weigh-in to go home will compete for an individual or group livestock sale slot as they have in the past.
  6. Buyers will once again have the opportunity to ‘keep’ animals they purchase in 2022.

To further clarify the details of implementing a partial-terminal livestock sale in 2022, review the answers to the FAQs linked here.

DUNF: Drug Use Notification Forms – MUST be completed before NOON on Friday, October 7th

DUNF Forms – These will be completed online this year. I would suggest that exhibitors should not fill them out until as close to weigh-in/move-in day as possible to ensure the information is correct and their market/lactating animal is drug free moving into fair. The link to the online DUNF Form is: If someone submits a form with errors, please have them contact Stacy Hicks at we can delete that record and they will be asked to submit a new form.

Market Poultry exhibitors will not have identification until fair weigh-in for their birds. Please put TBD in the identification field and we will update your form after weigh-in.

As a reminder:

Valid and current Drug Use Notification Forms (DUNF) must be submitted on-line immediately prior to the Fairfield County Fair  for each market or lactating animal that is exhibited by a youth participating in Junior Fair. Animals requiring a DUNF indicating the animal is free from any/all drugs in it’s system on fair weigh-in/move-in day are:

  • Market Beef (Steer or Heifer)
  • Dairy Beef Feeder
  • Dairy Cow (Lactating)
  • MQP Barrow
  • Market Barrow
  • Market Gilt
  • Market Goat
  • Dairy Goat (Lactating)
  • Market Chicken
  • Market Turkey
  • Market Duck
  • MQP Lamb
  • Market Lamb

A separate form must be completed for each animal being brought to the Fair (market chickens should complete 1 form for their pen of chickens). If the information on the form regarding drug use changes or if a drug is subsequently administered at any time after the drug use notification form is filed, an updated drug use notification form shall immediately be filed with the records official.

Forms should be completed no sooner than 5 days prior to animal weigh-in to be sure that their animal is drug free during fair. Forms submitted prior to that timeframe will be deleted and exhibitors will be asked to resubmit the DUNF form closer to their animal’s weigh-in.

To submit your form for each animal, begin by going to this link.

Food Items Needed for Livestock Sale Buyers

Each year the Livestock Sale Committee likes to provide refreshments for livestock buyers at the livestock auctions on Thursday evening October 13th and Friday, October 14th during the fair. Although we will not have the buyer refreshment tent this year, the Livestock Sale Committee would like to collected donations of pre-packaged snacks to be available to buyers during sale days.  Contact Leslie Cooksey at or 740-653-5419 if your club can help on either sale day in addition to donating various food items. Think bags of chips, cookies, etc.

Buyer Poster Contest – Thank our Livestock Sale Buyers!

Show your appreciation for the livestock buyers by making a poster thanking them for their support by participating in the poster contest sponsored by the Fairfield County Junior Fair Board. Exhibitors may enter a poster as an individual or as a club. Posters will be displayed during the week in the Feeder Creek Show Arena. Cash prizes will be awarded!

All posters must be submitted by October 9th to the Junior Fair Office. If you have any questions do not be hesitant to contact Lexie Hyme. You can contact her at 740-503-5307 and or at

Buyer Registration for Junior Fair Livestock Sales

Buyer packets were mailed in September to 2022 buyers. The Livestock Sale Committee wishes to share the letter with all that was included in that packet. Additionally, with the use of a new sale management program, we would like all buyers to register prior to sale day at this link:


Youth exhibitors invite you to attend the FAIRFIELD COUNTY JUNIOR FAIR LIVESTOCK AUCTION to be held Thursday, October 13th, (Carcass & Live Market Beef, Dairy Products, Dairy Feeders, and Market Hogs) and Friday, October 14th, (Market Lambs, Market Rabbits, Market Poultry, Dairy Goat Products and Market Goats) in the Feeder Creek Vet Show Arena during the Fairfield County Fair. Please note that Thursday’s sale will be begin at 5:00 p.m. and Friday’s sale will begin at 10:00 a.m. If you enjoy the fun and excitement of an auction and like to help 4-H and FFA youth members, you won’t want to miss this year’s sale. We certainly appreciate the support of all our buyers in the past.

The Sale Office will accept credit cards for your convenience. All purchases must be paid in full by credit card, cash or check with proper I.D. the day of the sale. With prior arrangements, Thursday’s invoices may be paid on Friday.

Additionally, we will be using a new sale management program, FairEntry. With this change, we are requesting each buyer PRE-REGISTER at this link:

Your bidder number will need to be picked up on sale day.

On sale days, the Sale Office will be open one hour prior to the auction. If you have updates to your buyer registration card, please bring that to the office. Additionally, you can pick up sale bills for those species you wish to bid on. The Sale Office is located at the Junior Fair Office in the Feeder Creek Vet Show Arena.

If you are unable to attend the sale this year but wish to support 4-H/FFA exhibitors, we invite you to consider the Livestock Sale Buyers Club. For more information, visit:

The Junior Fair exhibitors are looking forward to showing you the results of the hard work they have invested in their market animals. Additional information that is helpful for buyers is posted on our website at: Here, we will continue to post important information regarding the sale including a list of local processors, how the sale works, and a list of Junior Fair Exhibitors (as soon as it is available).

We are looking forward to seeing you at this year’s sales on

Thursday, October 13th, starting at 5:00 p.m.

Friday, October 14th, starting at 10:00 a.m.

Thank you for your support.

Effective for 2022, the use of Ractopamine (i.e. Paylean) is no longer banned in Fairfield County

Effective for 2022, the use of Ractopamine is no longer banned for the Fairfield County Fair.

During their regular meeting on February 15, 2022 the Senior Fair Board is expected to vote to NO LONGER make the Fairfield County Junior Fair swine show ractopamine-free. This will supersede any other announcements regarding the use of ractopamine found on this page.

Previous Junior Fair rules that banned the use of ractopamine were removed from the Junior Fair Rule Book (under Swine Rules). Additionally, this update was shared with advisors in late February/early March at our mandatory advisor club update.


South Central Power – Fair Recognition

South Central Power continues to support the Fairfield County 4-H and Junior Fair Programs each year. With the upcoming Fairfield County Junior Fair Livestock Sales, they asked us to share their 2022 Fair Recognition Form

If any 4-H/FFA exhibitors are interested and their families are members of South Central Power Cooperative, please complete this form and return to Forms must be submitted within 7 days of the livestock sale.

FairEntry is OPEN – Fairfield Co. Fair Entries are due August 26th!

The Senior Fair Board has approved the use of a new fair entry program that will allow the integration of fair entry data with livestock sale efforts. Additionally, Junior Fair results will be posted from at our FairEntry page when they become available during fair week. FairEntry ( is now open to take entries for the 2022 Fairfield County Junior Fair. Entries will be open through 11:59 p.m. Central Time on Friday, August 26th.

4-H families will log in and make entries for their entire family using their 4-HOnline login information. If they also have a child in their family that participates in FFA only, they are able to make their entries using the same login. Please remember you will be using your 4-HOnline login information NOT creating a FairEntry login. Fair entries need to be made for all livestock, horse, dog, companion animal, cakes, pies, candies, alfalfa/hay, gardening projects that plan to be exhibited at the Fairfield County Junior Fair.

  • Exhibitors who participated in 4-H summer judging projects ONLY do not need to complete fair entries as your project is marked complete for this year.
  • 4-H Advisors who do not have their own children enrolled in 4-H will not be able to login in to FairEntry.

FFA families will need to create a FairEntry login to create entries for their entire family. FFA exhibitors will be responsible for making their own livestock/horse entries through the online FairEntry submission process. County Ag Teachers will submit all shop/crop projects on behalf of their chapter and these respective projects should not be made through the FairEntry process by an exhibitor.

Please review this entire packet prior to beginning your entry process: Fair Entry – 4-HOnline Family 2022 

Please view the following videos to assist you with the entry process:

If you have issues or questions regarding or during the process please contact Leslie Cooksey at

  • Fairfield County Fair Entries may be entered from August 8 – 26, 2022. Be sure to complete your entries (including the final “Submit” step) prior to 11:59 p.m. Central Time on August 26, 2022.
  • Register all entries for each exhibitor in the family before proceeding to the Payment section. No fees are charged for entries, the Payment section is part of the submission process.
  • Be sure to click the “Submit” button when you have completed your entries. Entries are not final until they have been submitted.
  • Check your email inbox for a submission confirmation email with a list of your entries.
  • You will receive a second email when your entries have been approved by the Fairfield County Fair.

2022 Junior Fair Book is Available!

The 2022 Fairfield County Junior Fair Book is now posted on the Senior Fair website. There are a few items that still need to be finalized, but will be posted on this site soon. To access the Junior Fair Book, visit: To access information regarding the 2022 Junior Fair Livestock Sale, visit:

Swine Exhibitors: Paperwork required at weigh-in

The following forms must be turned in at Swine Weigh-In:

DUNF Forms:

  • DUNF forms are required for market and MQP hogs (information to file these online before weigh-in can be found here).
  • DUNF forms should be completed as close to fair weigh-in as possible to ensure the information submitted is correct (between October 7th and before weigh-in on October 9th).
  • Exhibitors need to submit a DUNF for EACH animal.
  • DUNF forms must be completed online BEFORE weigh-in:
    • Exhibitors will receive an email receipt after submitting their online DUNF form.
    • Exhibitors will be asked to show a copy of this receipt (with exhibitor name and tag number) for each animal at weigh-in. This can be done by printing off the email receipt or showing the Show Committee the email receipt on a smartphone.
    • If an exhibitor submits an online DUNF in error (i.e. incorrect species, incorrect tag number), they must notify Leslie Cooksey ( and submit a new DUNF with the correct information.

Take Home Form: Must be turned in before the hog leaves the scale.

“No Ractopamine/Paylean” Affidavit: must be submitted ONLINE by fair weigh-in for ALL market hogs.

  • As a reminder, the Fairfield County Swine Show will be Ractopamine (i.e. Paylean) free. For more information, visit:
  • All 4-H and FFA members and advisors need to take the time to review the information on the website listed above.
    • The OPEN class swine show is NOT a ractopamine-free show.
    • The JUNIOR show, IS ractopamine-free and Junior Fair Exhibitors will need to sign an affidavit indicating the pig was ractopamine-free at the time the Junior exhibitor acquired it. There will not be a form for breeders to sign.