Summer Judging Results from Day 2 (Tuesday, July 14th): Demonstrations, Communications, Creative Arts

We are so proud of the hard work 4-H members have put into their projects this year! Congrats to all!

Here are the results of our members who participated in judging on Day 2 (Tuesday, July 14th). For a complete list of results, click here.

Summer Judging Results from Day 1 (Monday, July 13th): Food, Home, Genealogy, Laundry, Health, & Childcare

We are so proud of the hard work 4-H members have put into their projects this year! Congrats to all!

Here are the results of our members who participated in judging on Day 1 (Monday, July 13th). For a complete list of results, click here.


Summer Judging – Please Schedule an Interview Time by 5:00 p.m. Friday, July 10th!

Greetings 4-Hers!

Thank you to those who recently responded to last week’s survey regarding project completion options. We have taken survey responses into consideration, along with OSU’s guidance on primarily using virtual options for events due to the potential continued spread of COVID-19. In that light, we will be conducting project judging interviews using the online video conference format called Zoom. This will allow for a live, interactive interview with a judge and 4-Her. For those 4-Hers that do not have access to adequate technology to support a Zoom interview, we will offer a few limited slots for an in-person interview. Please read details below before choosing your judging appointment.

All SUMMER project judging will be conducted the week of July 13th. Projects will be judged on these originally scheduled days:

  • Monday, July 13: Food, Home Dec, Genealogy, Laundry, Health, Child Care
  • Tuesday, July 14: Demonstration, Communication, Creative Arts
  • Wednesday, July 15: Engineering and Environmental Science
  • Thursday, July 16: Clothing

Awards this year will be simplified with Outstandings and Honorable Mentions across projects. There is no state-level competition this year, so the primary focus of county judging will be the interview experience and an opportunity for the 4-Her to share what they have learned. Note: we will not be awarding special overall food or clothing awards this year.

Project displays: in order to offer flexibility, you may create a poster and have it near you for zoom judging, or a digital poster that you could ‘screen share’ and later print out to display at the fair. Note: food projects will NOT be required to complete a portfolio this year. Instead you could do a mini poster to display at the fair. The choice is yours.

Online (Zoom) Judging for all summer projects:

  • Extension staff will ‘host’ the meeting and send a link to the judge and 4-Her. Staff will remain online throughout the meeting as tech support, timekeeper and to provide a 2nd adult to avoid any one-on-one meetings with youth.
  • 4-Her and judge will utilize their own computer with a camera or device from their own homes.
  • This is a ‘live’ interactive interview and the judge can ask 4-Her questions.
  • Training will be provided on how to participate in a zoom interview.

In-person Judging for youth without access to internet or computer/phone:

  • Note: this option is reserved for members who cannot do a zoom interview because they do not have access to technology
  • Safety measures:
    • 4-Hers, judges and staff will be asked to wear masks. (provided if needed)
    • Plexiglass tabletop shields positioned between the judge and 4-Her
    • 6-foot distance between everyone
    • Surfaces will be sanitized after each 4-Her
  • Held at the Ed Sands building at the fairgrounds the week of July 13.
  • 4-Hers will wait in their car until it is time to be judged.

As a reminder, if you have a project that you do not plan to complete, please email Missy Koenig at with the project you wish to drop from your record. You also have the option of interviewing with your club advisor for project completion. Please contact your advisor to make arrangements.

We are excited to see all that you have completed and learned in your 4-H projects this summer. Please click on this link to schedule your SUMMER judging appointment by 5:00 p.m. Friday, July 10th: Summer Judging Scheduling Link Please note:  If you have multiple summer projects or multiple 4-H members, you will need to re-select the link to schedule additional projects, it is not member specific.

~Fairfield County 4-H Team

Please Respond: Member survey regarding 2020 4-H Projects

All 4-H members (excluding Cloverbuds) should have received an email from Stacy Hicks on Tuesday, June 16th that shares an overview of 4-H project completion. Families with multiple 4-H members should receive multiple emails personalized to each member. We are asking that all 4-H members reply to the survey so we can continue making plans for summer judging. We have decided to extend the deadline for response to this email to Sunday, June 21st.  Please refer to the email you received for a link to follow and complete the survey to help us plan for judging this year.  The survey will take less than 30 seconds to complete.  If you have any questions, please contact the office at 740-653-5419. If you did not see an email with this survey link, please let us know (and be sure to check your junk/spam folders in your email).

Thank you for your help!

Summer Judging Update as of 6/11/2020

Due to COVID-19, things are continually changing in our lives and the 4-H program is no exception to that. As 4-H Educators, we wanted to provide an update with details that we know as of right now:

  • Summer Judging for miscellaneous and still projects will take place July 13 – 17th as originally scheduled. Our goal is to have in person judging with safety measures in place and a virtual option for families that may need that. There will be some modifications in place to comply with the Health Department guidelines, and families should expect to receive an email with those updates by mid-June. Keep working on those 4-H projects and getting your books completed!

Join the 4-H Meat Judging Team! First Practice: Monday, January 13th!

Youth interested in livestock are strongly encouraged to join the 4-H Meat Judging Team! The first meeting/practice will be held Monday, January 13th from 5:30 – 7:00 p.m. at Bloom Carroll High School in the Ag Room.

For a complete list of meeting/practice dates: 2020 Meat Judging Calendar

Important Updates for 2019 Junior Fair Rabbit Exhibitors

Please be aware that there is some confusion about arrival times in the 2019 Junior Fair Book for rabbits and the market rabbit weigh-in time has CHANGED for 2019. Here is what you need to know!

  • Market Rabbits MUST start at the #50 Show Arena for check-in and weigh-in from 9:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. on Saturday, October 5th. Please note, this is a NEW weigh-in time from last year! No market rabbits will be placed in their pens until AFTER they have checked-in and weighed-in in the #50 Show Arena. Once you have been checked in and your animals have been weigh-in, you will be released to pen your rabbits in the rabbit barn. One exhibitor can only bring a maximum of 4 rabbits to weigh-in. For more information about weight requirements, please review the 2019 Junior Fair Rabbit Rules.
  • Breeding Rabbits MUST be on the fairgrounds by 12:00 p.m. on Saturday, October 5th. Upon arrival, you can enter the Rabbit Barn with breeding rabbits to check-in and verify your fair entries. No breeding rabbits will be placed into pens until AFTER their rabbits have been checked in. Once your rabbits are placed in their pens, exhibitors and family members will need to leave the barn and will not be permitted to return to the barn until after the barn is re-opened and check-in is COMPLETE.
  • All Rabbit Exhibitors:
    • The Rabbit Exhibitor Meeting will take place at 1:00 p.m. on Saturday, October 5th in the #50 Show Arena. All market and breeding rabbit exhibitors are expected to attend.
    • Back tags can be picked up in the Junior Fair Office on Saturday, October 5th between 12:00 – 6:00 p.m. After this time, they can continue to be picked up in the Junior Fair Office on the north side of the fairgrounds during Junior Fair Office Hours.
    • Showmanship sign-ups will be in the Rabbit Barn (west side, closest to the show arena) until 12:00 p.m. NOON on Wednesday, October 9th.
    • Want TEXT ALERTS and UPDATES during the fair for the Rabbit Show? To join, text @bbeg46 to 81010 or to 270-908-4012. To stop alerts, text @LEAVE

Companion Animal Judging Reminders

Youth competing in this non-livestock competition need to bring their project book to judging! Refer to the Junior Fair Book or Members Handbook/Project Guidelines for details. Cat and Ferret Exhibitors – All required vaccinations must be given by a licensed, accredited veterinarian and must be current through October 6th, 2019 for county judging. Rabbit Hopping, the Costume Contest and the Cloverbud Stuffed Animal Show will continue this year. There is no advance registration for these fun classes, just sign up the day of the show.

Summerfest Winners – Please send your THANK YOU NOTES! :o)

We need to make sure our sponsors receive thanks and appreciation for supporting Fairfield County’s youth! This would include all youth receiving the Bertha Wilson Camp Scholarship, all youth receiving awards at Summerfest, as well as Junior Fair Exhibitors who will be receiving awards at fair. Please make members who received awards this summer and at the fair write thank you notes to the sponsors of their awards – even if it’s just a rosette or ribbon.

Several people took lots of time making sure an address label of the particular sponsor was placed on the back of each award or attached a thank you notecard to a trophy. For Summerfest Winners – your donor is labeled on your thank you note AND your award “group” card.

Please be aware that we have had sponsors stop donating for fair awards because they did not receive a thank you note. If a member is not sure of their sponsor for an award received at Summerfest or at the fair, check out the Awards Portion of the Junior Fair Book as it gives the name of the sponsor. If you aren’t able to find an address, please contact the OSU Extension Office and we can help you find it! Also encourage youth to include information about their project, award received, etc. as the sponsors enjoy reading this information! Sponsors also love pictures if members have any of their project they would like to share!

2019 Ohio State Fair Livestock Results

For a complete list of 2019 Ohio State Fair Livestock results, visit:

Junior Beef

  • All Other Breeds – Mason Love, 1st Place Heifer
  • Crossbred Heifer – Delaney Moore, 3rd Place Heifer
  • Hereford – Morgan Love, 1st Place Winter Heifer Calf
  • Hereford – Maddox Cupp, 2nd Place Early Summer Yearling
  • Hereford – Maddox Cupp, 1st Place Spring Yearling Heifer
  • Hereford – Mason Love, 3rd Place Jr. Yearling Heifer
  • Hereford – Maddox Cupp, YRP Hereford Champion
  • Hereford – Morgan Love, Bred & Owned, 1st Place
  • Market Beef, Hereford – Maddox Cupp, 2nd Place
  • Shorthorn – Ellanor Tarbert, Spring Heifer Calf, 2nd Place
  • Simmental – Mckenzie Powers, Jr. Yearling, 2nd Place
  • Simmental – Mckenzie Powers, Influence – Sr. Heifer, 1st Place
  • Showmanship, 1st Session Breeding (Senior 15+) – Mckenzie Powers, 2nd Place

Junior Goats

  • Wether – Julia Cowdrey, 3rd Place
  • Wether – Morgan Cowdrey, 3rd Place
  • Showmanship (Age 10) – Julia Cowdrey, 2nd Place
  • Showmanship (Age 18) – Jordan Ash, 2nd Place
  • Skillathon (Age 10) – Julia Cowdrey, 2nd Place

Dairy Cattle Judging

  • 3rd High Individual (Senior) – Derek Burns

Junior Dairy Cattle

  • Guernsey – Case Alt, Senior 2 yr. Old, 1st Place
  • Guernsey – Derek Burns, 3 yr. Old, 2nd Place
  • Guernsey – Silas Kohler, Aged cow, 5 yrs. & over, 2nd Place
  • Guernsey – Case Alt, YRP Reserve Senior Guernsey
  • Guernsey – Silas Kohler, Fall Heifer Calf, 3rd Place
  • Guernsey – Derek Burns, Fall Yearling Heifer, 3rd Place

Junior Horse

  • Class 10, Senior Pony Barrels – Gabby Gugliemotto, 6th Place
  • Class 13, Junior Pole Bending Pony – Justin Levin, 6th Place
  • Class 13, Junior Pole Bending Pony – Carlie Wear, 9th Place
  • Class 18, Training Level, Test 1 – Jocelyn Delaney, 1st Place
  • Class 18, Training Level, Test 1 – Anna Kuhn, 3rd Place
  • Class 25, Junior Keyhole Pony – Justin Levin, 8th Place
  • Class 26, Senior Keyhole Pony – Gabby Gugliemotto, 3rd Place
  • Class 29, Junior Stakes Race Pony – Carly Wears, 3rd Place
  • Class 38, Senior Easy Gaited Western Equitation – Jordan Kagey, 6th Place
  • Class 38, Senior Easy Gaited Western Equitation – Sydni Kagey, 7th Place
  •  Class 38, Senior Easy Gaited Western Equitation – Brittnee Streitenberger, 9th Place
  • Class 40, Senior Easy Gaited Western Pleasure – Brittnee Streitenberger, 6th Place
  • Class 40, Senior Easy Gaited Western Pleasure – Sydni Kagey, 7th Place
  • Class 40, Senior Easy Gaited Western Pleasure – Jordan Kagey, 10th Place
  • Class 43, Junior Hunter Hack – Anna Kuhn, 7th Place
  • Class 45, Intermediate Equitation Over Fences – Jocelyn Dulaney, 7th Place
  • Class 49, Hunter Showmanship, 9-11 yr – Ashlyn Carder, 1st Place
  • Class 74, Hunter Under Saddle 15-16 yr – Morgan Cutright, 9th Place
  • Class 74, Hunter Under Saddle 15-16 yr – Karli Cutright, 10th Place
  • Class 81, Hunt Seat Equitation, 13 yr – Anna Kuhn, 4th Place
  • Class 83, Hunt Seat Equitation 15 yr – Morgan Cutright, 1st Place
  • Class 88, Western Showmanship, 12 yr – Beau Cutright, 10th Place
  • Class 93, Western Showmanship, 17 yr – Kyle Keller, 8th Place
  • Class 99, Senior Trail – Karli Cutright, 2nd Place
  • Class 104, Western Riding – Ashlyn Carder, 8th Place
  • Class 107, Western Pleasure, 9-12 yr – Ashlyn Carder, 4th Place
  • Class 107, Western Pleasure, 9-12 yr – Luke Cutright, 7th Place
  • Class 109, Western Pleasure, 15-16 yr – Karli Cutright, 2nd Place
  • Class 110, Western Pelasure, 17-18 yr – Kyle Keller, 5th Place
  • Class 112, Western Pleasure Grand Championship – Karli Cutright, 2nd Place
  • Class 117, Western Pleasure, 15-16 yr – Ashley Love, 7th Place
  • Class 129, Western Horsemanship, 15 yr – Morgan Cutright, 6th Place
  • Class 130, Western Horsemanship, 16 yr – Karli Cutright, 3rd Place
  • Class 131, Western Horsemanship, 17 yr – Kyle Keller, 5th Place
  • Skillathon (age 11) – Peyton Sullivan, 2nd Place

Outstanding Market Exhibitors

  • Outstanding Market Poultry Exhibitor – Sophia Preston, 1st Place
  • Outstanding Market Goat Exhibitor – Julia Cowdrey, 1st Place

Junior Poultry

  • Class 067, AOV Standard Recognized Breed – Brooklyn Defazio, 1st Place
  • Market Chickens – Campbell Reese, 1st Place
  • Market Turkey – Campbell Reese, 2nd Place
  • Market Turkey – Parker Reese, 2nd Place
  • Showmanship (age 10) – Sophia Preston, 1st Place
  • Showmanship (age 17) – Emmalee Preston, 3rd Place
  • Skillathon (age 11) – Campbell Reese, 3rd Place

Junior Rabbit

  • Skillathon (age 9) – Rachel Sponseller, 1st Place
  • Skillathon (age 11) – Charlie Sponseller, 1st Place
  • Skillathon (age 13) – Logan Hampton, 3rd Place

Junior Sheep

  • Horned Dorset, Spring Ram Lamb – Parker Reese, 3rd Place
  • Horned Dorset, Fall Ewe Lamb – Campbell Reese, 2nd Place
  • Horned Dorset, Slick Sheared Fall Ewe Lamb – Parker Reese, 1st Place
  • Oxford, Early Ewe Lamb – Derek Burns, 2nd Place
  • Showmanship (Market, age 9) – Peyton Courtright, 2nd Place
  • Showmanship (Breeding, 1st Session, Age 17) – Derek Burns, 2nd Place

Junior Swine

  • Dark Crossbred Market Barrow – Jeff King, 1st Place
  • Spotted Gilt – Maci Barber, 3rd Place
  • Yorkshire Gilt – Tanner Rose, 1st Place
  • Supreme Champion Gilt (Second Session) – Tanner Rose
  • YRP Grand Champion Yorkshire Gilt – Tanner Rose
  • Skillathon (Age 10) – Caroline Endsley, 3rd Place