Sponsors Needed – Benches for the Fairfield County Fairgrounds

The Fairfield County Junior Leaders will be ordering new benches for the Fairfield County Fairgrounds. Sponsors are needed to cover the cost of these benches, and we need your help!

This year we are purchasing ten 6-foot deluxe benches that will sit out during the 2024 Fairfield County Fair (see the picture below). Each bench costs $550.00 and will include a personalized plaque. The size and color of bench have been selected by the Fairfield County Senior Fair Board in order to continue improving the Fairfield County Fairgrounds.

Approved payment method: Cash or Checks can be made out to the Fairfield County Junior Leaders. Money is due to the OSU Extension Office by July 1st.

If you are interested in sponsoring a bench, please contact Aubry Fowler (Fowler.443@osu.edu or 740-653-5419) with Sponsor Name, Wording for the Plaque on the bench, and preferred payment method by July 1st. 

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