Secretary’s Book Contest Results

The Fairfield County 4-H Secretary’s Book Annual Contest is proudly sponsored and funded each year by the family of Robert L. Hillman who was a 4-H advisor for many years in Pickaway County. Mr. Hillman believed strongly in teaching and practicing quality record keeping within the structure of the 4-H program. He continued to support his grandchildren, Adam, Milea, and Sarah Maxwell, in their 4-H endeavors in Fairfield County until his death in 2003. To continue his long-standing commitment to the tradition of record keeping and the 4-H program, his family is proud to sponsor this competition in his memory.

When the Secretary’s Book is complete, it should document the activities by its members for one year. It becomes a historical document to be enjoyed for years to come as individuals review it with fondness and memories.

All secretaries are eligible and encouraged to submit a book each year. There is a monetary award that goes to the winners and they go directly to that individual. The 4-H Secretary Book Rubric was used to evaluate each secretary’s book that was submitted in the contest. Each book was evaluated and received a one-, two-, or three-star rating based on the rubric. Based on the star ratings, the top  individual will receive a monetary award.

The 2023 results are:

  • Catherine Buckley, 1st Place, 3 Star Book. Catherine is a member of the Amanda Work & Win 4-H Club
  • Scarlett Sims, 2nd Place, 3 Star Book. Scarlett is a member of the Sewing Shefs 4-H Club
  • Ellie Foster, 1 Star Book. Ellie is a member of the Pygmies Plus 4-H Club
  • Kendall Wild, 1 Star Book. Kendall is a member of the Lithopolis Livestock 4-H Club

Thank you to all of the members who participated in the Secretary’s Book contest this year. Keep up the good record keeping! If your club did not participate this year, we hope you will keep this contest in mind and participate next year.

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