Youth Opportunity: Adaptive Adventures (Special Needs Camp)

Camper Info – Registration due June 1. Ohio 4-H Adaptive Adventures Camp is held at Canter’s Cave 4-H Camp with support of a 4-H Foundation grant. The facility is in Jackson County, Ohio, just south of Chillicothe.  Each summer, we offer a camping experience for youth aged 8-adult who have unique needs that cannot be accommodated in a traditional camp setting. We typically have a small group of between 15-25 campers and their caregivers who spend the weekend doing all the normal camp things, modified for their needs. This year, Camp will be June 14-16. Camper registration forms, along with some pictures and additional information about the event, are online at this site:

Counselor Info – Applications due April 1. Just as with our traditional camps, we have an opportunity to allow teen camp counselors to counsel at this Camp. Counselors should be active in your local counselor program to ensure they receive training. They do come to Camp on Thursday, June 13, to get onsite training hours and help transform Camp for our Campers. Since caregivers are onsite for this Camp, Counselors are in a more supportive role and not the primary caregiver. This is a great opportunity to see things from a different perspective and interact with individuals and families in new ways at Camp! Counselors who are interested should complete the application at the bottom of this page:

More info: Adaptive Adventures Feb 6

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