New for 2024 Fairfield County Junior Fair: Homegrown Market Lamb Class

The Junior Fair Sheep Committee has added a new class for the Junior Fair Market Lamb Show for 2024. Read on for further details:

Homegrown Market Lamb Division (new for 2024)

  1. To be eligible, entries must be born from a ewe owned by the exhibitor prior to January 1st of the current year and raised at the 4-H/FFA member’s immediate family property or family property that adjoins the exhibitor’s residence (i.e. grandparents, aunt/uncle) in Fairfield County. Proof of ownership of the ewe will be in the form of registration papers, farm Scrapie tag, or Scrapie tag with an accompanying bill of sale.
  2. Entry must be one of the exhibitor’s junior fair market lamb projects. Lambs must be born after January 1st of the current year.
  3. The market lamb selected to be shown in the homegrown market lamb show will be included in the general market classes.
  4. Homegrown market lamb class will be held separately – before the general market lamb show, and only one lamb per exhibitor will be permitted to show in this class.
  5. The top five (5) places will be selected and receive an award. The Champion Homegrown Market Lamb selected will sell 6th in the overall sale order (unless it places either Grand or Reserve Grand Champion in the general market lamb show or the exhibitor is selected as the Sheep Premier Exhibitor).
  6. Exhibitors must complete the Homegrown Market Lamb Intent Form ( as soon as possible following the birth of their Homegrown Market Lamb(s). This will notify the Sheep Committee to make a farm visit within two weeks of lambing.
    • **Please note that for 2024, we know that more than two weeks has likely passed since the birth of lambs that could be used for this project. If this is something you would like to do for 2024, please complete the intent form ASAP so that a farm visit can be scheduled by the committee.**
  7. All entries must agree to a market lamb committee member(s) entering their barn/housing unit for visual inspection of animals. Failure to do so will lead to immediate disqualification.
  8. Homegrown Market Lamb(s) must take part in June weigh-in at the fairgrounds. No exceptions.

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