Poultry Certification Opportunity for Adults and Youth

A Backyard Poultry Certification Course with 6 modules was created by Franklin County’s Ag & Natural Resources Educator (Tim McDermott) as a self-paced course to learn about husbandry, nutrition, biosecurity, egg production, and disease prevention in backyard poultry.  Attached is a flyer with a QR code (also below) to access the course which costs $25 (Super cheap!)  It can also be accessed at   go.osu.edu/chicken or you can share the page link on Growing Franklin HERE

Some uses for your county client-residents:

  • It makes a great holiday gift for that hard to buy person.
  • You can share this if you have a city or municipality in your county that requires a certificate to keep backyard poultry.
  • You have a 4H kiddo or county resident who wants to keep poultry but does not know where to start.
  • You have a city or municipality that is considering an ordinance and needs some guidance.

Flyer for more information: Backyard Poultry Marketing Flyer


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