Drug Use Notification Forms – Market Poultry and Market Rabbit Exhibitors (due at midnight on weigh-in day)

Animals must be drug free by weigh-in day of fair. Each member must complete a Drug Use Notification Form (DUNF) (http://go.osu.edu/fairfielddunf) form online for each animal they plan to exhibit prior to weigh-in at the fair. If the forms are not correctly completed, exhibitors will not be permitted to show.

Market Turkeys/Ducks/Chickens and Market Rabbits must complete a Drug Use Notification Form. One form per pen of chickens and one form for each pen of rabbits. 

Due to market poultry and market rabbits not having identification until weigh-in day, you will be able to submit your DUNF form AFTER weigh-in. It must be completed by MIDNIGHT on Saturday, October 7th.

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