Bottle Cap Project – FINAL RESULTS

Congratulations to the top 3 clubs in the Bottle Cap Project Club Contest:

1st Place: Champions

2nd Place: Thurston Future Farmers

3rd Place: Sewing Shefs

As a reminder the top 3 clubs will receive a ‘cash’ prize for winning. Aubry will be reaching out to advisors on the week of 7/31 on how they would like to receive their prize.

Thank you to those clubs who have been collecting caps for the Fairfield County Junior Leaders Bottle Cap Project! We were able to collect 3,088 lbs of plastic bottle caps!!

We are excited to be able to offer outdoor furniture for sale to our community, and work with sponsors for new items at Alley Park.

Curious how how much your club collected? Check out how many pounds your club turned in below:

Bottle Cap Weigh In
Club Name Total
Champions 759
Thurston Future Farmers 433
Sewing Shefs 406
Lithopolis Livestock 346
Camelids Unlimited 231
Banner Chasing Bunch 229
Carroll Country 4-Hers 102
Kountry Kidz 100
Amanda Work & Win 76
Rough Riders 64
Wild About Animals 58
Clearcreek Showmen 48
Baltimore Blue Ribbons 31
Shooting Stars 25
Cloverleaf Livestock 24
Superior Showmen 34
Extension Office 13
Pygmies Plus 13
4 Legged Friends 11
Falcon 4-Hers 11
Green Extreme 8
Fairfield Cavy & Rabbits 6
Junior Leaders 3

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