Need Market Rabbits?

We have had rabbit breeders that have reach out to us letting our office know they will have market rabbits available for our fair. If additional contacts reach out to us, we will add them to this particular blog post in the future.

Please note that this is just a list and the OSU Extension Office and Fairfield County Fair does not promote one breeder over another.

  • Becky Hilgenberg (located near Slate Run Metro Park, Pickaway County) – or 614-499-9454.
  • Beery Rabbitry, Bruce Beery (located near Chillicothe) – New Zealand White rabbits. Contact:
  • Michael Robarge (McArthur/Vinton County area) –, 614-328-6239 cell, 740-596-3632 home office.
  • Jon and Rachel Stepp (local to Fairfield County) – Jon: 614-519-5890 or Rachel: 740-243-8776.
  • Dayna Hannahs (located in Noble County): 740-838-6504.
  • Cynthia Brumty: 740-541-7814 has approx. 12 Roasters – New Zealands, white, black, broken black
  • Renee Wolfe (local to Fairfield County) – or 740-412-0765. Roasters available (New Zealand Blue)
  • Allan Helber (740-497-8649 or – located in Kingston. Californian Market Rabbits
  • Jessica Rockey – located in Perry County.
  • Dayna Hannahs has New Zealand Whites for sale.  The best way to get a hold of her is through Facebook Messenger. Cell phone: 740-491-6103 / home number: 740-838-6504.
  • Sold Out for 2023:
    • Bethany Miller (local to Fairfield County) – or 740-277-3014.
    • Lykins Family (local to Fairfield County) – New Zealand White and Blue. Contact: or 614-561-8150.

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