Attention STATE FAIR livestock/dog/horse exhibitors – PLEASE READ!

Those who plan to exhibit at the 2023 Ohio State Fair will need to complete their Quality Assurance by June 1st, 2023 (this is a recommended deadline set by the Fairfield County Senior and Junior Fair Boards to meet ODA requirements). Members must also be enrolled at the county level by April 15th in the project(s) they intend to exhibit at the Ohio State Fair. Our office will be asked to verify both QA  completion and that members are enrolled in the correct projects (breeding projects, for example) on all Ohio State Fair junior livestock entries.

Ohio State Fair dates are July 26 – August 6, 2023. Entries will be due by 12:59 p.m. June 21st (online).

4-H and FFA members must make OSF entries online at

No late OSF entries will be accepted. Additionally, you may review the link above to confirm rules and possession dates for the Ohio State Fair.

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