Ohio Department of Agriculture – Exhibition Ownership Rules Clarified

Complete list of rule updates: Ohio Youth Livestock Exhibition Rules 4.17.23

Leasing MARKET animals for youth exhibition projects is NOT permitted under any circumstances.

For market animals, dairy animals, and owned (not leased) breeding livestock:
1. An animal cannot be used by more than one youth member per project year.

2. The same animal cannot be used for more than one project per project year (i.e., a single heifer cannot be shown as both a market and a breeding project).

3. An animal may only be exhibited by the project member in any junior livestock exhibition, including at the Ohio State Fair.
a. Excludes show/class conflicts at the exhibition, “showman of showmen” type classes, or extenuating circumstances. Check with local exhibition sponsor to determine what circumstances may qualify.
b. For junior fair classes where education or charity is the purpose (e.g., pee wee, special needs, Dean’s Charity Steer Show, etc.), ensure that the exhibitor is involved in the mentoring of the individual showing the animal in that class.
c. Refer to “junior livestock show/exhibition” definition above.

4. In shows outside of “junior livestock show/exhibitions,” a project animal may only be shown by the youth exhibitor or family members. If shown by a youth outside of the immediate family, this constitutes a change in ownership.
a. “Family” means the immediate family of an exhibitor, including but not limited to the exhibitor’s parent, step-parent, foster parent, grandparent, step-grandparent, foster grandparent, brother, sister, step-brother, step-sister, half-brother, half-sister, son, daughter, step-son, step-daughter, or legal guardian.

5. All market, dairy, and breeding animals exhibited at a junior livestock exhibition must be fully owned by the exhibitor or household as defined in OAC 901-19-39 as evidenced by a bill of sale or registration, including all showing rights, and in the complete custody and care of the exhibitor on or before possession deadlines.

6. Ownership of an animal shall be considered lost if the animal has been:
a. Leased to a different individual (not the project member) after the applicable possession date,
b. Consigned to or sold through an auction or any other type of transaction that takes place prior to the junior livestock exhibition, after the applicable possession date even if the animal is bought back by the exhibitor.

7. The exhibitor is expected to fully provide daily care for their animal(s) from the possession deadline to the conclusion of the exhibition/sale. This includes, but is not limited to, ensuring adequate access to clean, fresh water, feed, and shelter while ensuring good health and welfare of the animal. If not possible, in extenuating circumstances, the exhibitor is responsible for contacting the local Extension office and/or FFA advisor to ensure transparency. Additional paperwork may be necessary, as determined at the local level (i.e., Ohio 4-H Livestock Care Agreement

Introducing: The Showmen’s Closet! <>

The Fairfield County 4-H Advisory Committee is pleased to introduce The Showmen’s Closet. Donations are currently being accepted to stock our closet. Junior Fair families can spend a lot of money buying new show clothes and boots each year as their children get bigger! To help one another out, we are asking for donations of jeans, show shirts, boots, belts, white jackets that are in good to new condition (no holes please). Items should be clean (including those boots!).

Items will be donated to the 4-H Advisory Committee. They will be priced at a reasonable cost for families to purchase at the 4-H Advisory Committee Vendor Sale on Saturday, July 29th. All proceeds will benefit Fairfield County 4-H events planned and sponsored by the 4-H Advisory Committee.

For more information, contact Kim Westhoven at 740-503-5160 or kimwesthoven@gmail.com.


Camp Registration Opens May 1st

Fairfield County 4-H Camp Registration opens May 1st! Registration is completed entirely online and spots are available on a first-come-first-serve basis. Read on to learn more about 4-H camp this summer.

What will we do at Camp?

Our camp counselors are hard at work making sure we’re going to have the best summer yet. Tar Hollow activities include swimming and boating at Pine Lake, nature, crafts, recreation, tye-dye, campfires, inspiration, and many other activities. Alley Park activities include archery, canoeing, crafts, games, songs, campfire, tye dye, and more!

 Camp Dates: 

  • Day Camp (Grades 3,4,5,6,7,8,9) – June 13-15 – Alley Park
  • Cloverbud Day Camp (grades K-2, Cloverbud Members) – June 17 – Alley Park
  • Junior Camp (Grades 3,4,5) – June 20-23 – Tar Hollow
  • Senior Camp (Grades 6,7,8,9) – June 30-July 3– Tar Hollow

 Registration Details:

  • Registrations will be completed online and are on a first-come-first-serve basis starting on May 1, 2023 through May 15, 2023. Families will have the option to join a waitlist if all spots fill up for the camp they want to attend.
  • Registration can be found here: go.osu.edu/FCCamp
  • Payment Info:
    • Payment by credit card will be available this year (online only).
    • If you will be paying by check or cash, please select appropriate payment type in the registration process and mail or drop off your payment (check or cash) to the OSUE office (OSU Extension, 831 College Ave., Suite D, Lancaster, OH 43130). Make checks payable to: OSU EXTENSION. There will be a $30.00 charge for all returned checks.
    • Registration will be considered complete upon receipt of application and payment.
  • Once registration is complete and payment received, additional information will be provided electronically via email or can be printed upon request at the Fairfield County Extension Office including what to bring, necessary forms, and a map to camp.

 Registering Multiple Campers?

  • Each camper must complete an online registration form.
  • Families with multiple children attending camp(s) who want to pay with a credit card can:
    • process payment with each registration, or
    • wait until the last registration is complete and finish the credit card processing after submitting registration on the last camper.
  • Please add all fees together and list ALL members names /camps in the description to ensure payment is applied correctly.

 Friend Requests can be made during the registration process. We recognize the importance of sharing a camp experience with a friend. To request the same cabin as a friend, both campers must name each other in the registration process. A maximum of two campers can request to be together. This is the only opportunity to request a cabin assignment with your friend.

  • Please remember, there is no guarantee that the request can be honored, but we will do our best.
  • If you have questions or concerns, please contact Aubry Fowler, Camp Director, at Fowler.443@osu.edu.

 Bertha Wilson Trust will provide a 50% campership again this year, if registered by midnight on Monday, May 15th.

  • Members will only have to pay $50 for Day Camp, $100 for Intermediate or Junior Camp, and $25 for Cloverbud Camp.
  • Members are welcome to attend both Day Camp and Overnight at Tar Hollow if they wish and if spaces are available. However, they will only receive a campership for the Tar Hollow camp and will be required to pay the full amount ($100) to attend Day Camp. If you are interested in attending both camps, please email fairfield4h@osu.edu to receive more information about registration and payment options.

Dine to Donate: Schaffner’s Drive In – June 6, 2023

Stop out and plan to eat lunch or dinner at Schaffner’s Drive In on Tuesday, June 6 in Baltimore (601 W Market Street). 15% of sales that bring the flyer above will be donated to the Fairfield County 4-H Junior Leaders. A printable flyer can be found here: Schaffner’s flyer 06.06.2023
The Junior Leaders are a countywide teen leadership that focuses on 4-H community service, leadership, and more! Their big events include planning the Fairfield County 4-H Advisor’s Recognition, donating a county 4-H Scholarship, and the Bottle Cap Project!
Thank you for the support!

Community Service Challenge for 4-H Clubs

Calling all 4-H Clubs! The Ohio 4-H Teen Leadership Council has a community service challenge for you in honor of Earth Day this month! We challenge you to complete one or more of these community service projects related to environmental stewardship listed on the attached flyer. If your club completes one of these activities, follow the link/ QR code listed to add your club’s name (go.osu.edu/4HClubEarthDay). You might be featured on our social media, AND you are automatically entered into a drawing to win a prize from the 4-H mall for your club! Entries are due by June 1st, 2023. Happy Earth Day, from The Ohio 4-H Teen Leadership Council!


Teen Opportunity: Regional Leadership Workshop in Jackson, OH

Join the Ohio 4-H Teen Leadership Council on Sunday, May 21st for our first Regional Workshop! Held in Jackson County, teens from across the state will gather to learn more about leadership through interactive sessions and team building activities. Session topics will include leadership styles, public speaking, camp counseling, and more! Registration will close on Friday, May 12th. The link to register is: www.go.osu.edu/tlcworkshop. Grab a friend or come as a club, we can’t wait to see you there!

Ohio 4-H Sea Camp – Preregistration is OPEN!

Ohio 4-H Sea Camp has a few spots still open! Please note this is open to teen that meets the following criteria. Please note that those youth who received the county 4-H trip award for Sea Camp are already taken care for this year (youth know who they are!).

Ohio 4-H Sea Camp pre-registration is still open through May 1st. We currently have some spots still available to take more campers! We have decided to open registration up for a limited number of 14 year old’s, so please share with anyone you might have interested if they now are eligible to attend!

A few reminders about Sea Camp 2023:

  • Sea Camp is open to any teen ages 14-17; enrollment in 4-H is not a requirement for registering.
  • Campers must be age 14-17 as of July 14 (day one of camp).
  • Cost is $400 to members of 4-H. Cost is $450 to teens not enrolled. Thanks to the Ohio 4-H Foundation for grant support for enrolled members!

Website: Go.osu.edu/SeaCamp

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Ohio4HSeaCamp/


Last Call: Ohio 4-H Event Youth Assistant (4HEYA) Applications due May 15th!

The Ohio 4-H Event Youth Assistant (4HEYA) applications are now available! This is an opportunity for teens 13-18 as of January 1 to get a short-term leadership experience at the state level. Applications are available at go.osu.edu/4HEYAapp and are due by May 15, 2023.

  • What: 4-H Event Youth Assistant (4HEYA)
  • Who: Individuals age 13-18 (as of January 1 of the year of application) and have at least 1 year prior 4-H experience.
  • Timeframe: Apply by May 15, selection, training, service to OSF, and evaluation. Complete responsibilities by August 31, 2023.
  • Requirements (in addition to application/selection process):
    • Training – Must attend one of the options for training (July 11 or July 17)
      • Please note: individuals MUST attend one of the training options. This is not negotiable. If you know you are unable to attend a training option before applying, it is best to wait another year before applying to serve in this capacity.
    • Events – Must work a minimum of 3 events at the Ohio State Fair; may work more if desired
  • Program Fee: $25/person (paid at go.osu.edu/4HEYA25);
  • Teens Receive:
    • 4HEYA Polo & Nametag
    • State Fair admission, parking ticket, and meal ticket(s)
    • Optional State Fair housing in the Rhodes Center (if desired)
    • Experience of working events at the Ohio State Fair
    • Opportunity to enhance leadership skills and be involved in the State 4-H program
  • What about the Teen Leadership Council? YES, these members may apply for 4HEYA AND TLC this year, if desired. TLC applications will be available in June and will be due the Friday following the Ohio State fair. Their term is September 1, 2023-August 31, 2024. Current TLC members are not eligible to apply for 4HEYA, as they are already fulfilling obligations at the Ohio State Fair.
  • Questions? Contact Frances (foos.61@osu.edu) or Sarah (longo.79@osu.edu)

Support the Fairfield County Junior Fair Board – Kroger Rewards

elp the Fairfield County Junior Fair Board raise money while shopping at no additional cost to you! 

Kroger Community Rewards

1. Start at Kroger.com
2. Sign in with your current Kroger account or create a new one. Note: You must have a registered Kroger Rewards card in order to participate in the Community Rewards program
3. Click the Community Rewards tab and search for “Fairfield Co 4H Advisory Committee”, then click Enroll
4. Once you select your charity, it will be saved and you will support 4-H each time you shop!
5. The 4-H Advisory Committee will allocate these funds to the JFB upon receipt