New 4-H Club Advisors Needed – Apply Today!

The Fairfield County 4-H Program continues to see the interest in community club participation grow and we need volunteers to make that happen. If you have been thinking of getting more involved with 4-H, now is the time to apply to be a club volunteer. Current clubs need help which means you don’t have to start a new club!! Have questions? Contact our office at 740-653-5419!

Read on to learn about the Fairfield County Volunteer Requirements – Due by February 1, 2023:

  1. Application
    1. An online application can be found here:
    2. Please complete an application and submit it to the Extension office. From this application, references will be collected by Extension professionals
  2. Fingerprint Record Check
    1. The simplest method of complying with the fingerprint requirement is to utilize the Fairfield County Sheriff’s Department internet check system. To do this: Call the Fairfield County Sheriff’s Office to schedule an appointment at 740-652-7320. Take your current, valid driver’s license and social security card. You must have your actual social security card (no copies).
    2. Request a BCI Check. You will need the following code: 2151.86 ORC to put on the request form. The cost to you will be $35.00 and checks should be made payable to: Fairfield County Sheriff’s Office. Cash is also accepted.
    3. PLEASE SEND ALL RESULTS TO: Background Checks – Fairfield County 4-H OSU Office of Human Resources 1590 N. High St., Suite 300 Columbus, OH 43201
    4. Keep your receipt as all volunteers are reimbursed after their 1st year of service.
  3. After your application, references, and background check have been received, the Extension office will be in touch to set up an interview and send reminders about the new volunteer orientation and Youth Activities & Programs policy training that all new volunteers must be completed.

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