Unwrap Your Gifts Email Challenge Invitation Message

When you hear the term “gifts” what comes to mind first? Does an image of boxes wrapped in colorful paper adorned with ribbons and bows pop up? Join the Live Healthy Live Well 6-week “Unwrap Your Gifts” Email wellness Challenge to expand your thinking about the “gifts” in your life.
Along with the weekly Email message and a call to action for each week’s theme, we will be hosting a 5-part webinar series related to the Challenge content. For those who like to make a game of it, we will have a BINGO card for you to cross things off. You also have access to the OSU Live Healthy Live Well blog site and our OSU Family and Consumer Sciences Facebook Page all year long.
Register at go.osu.edu/lhlwfairfield by October 28th.

May be an image of one or more people and text that says 'CFAES E Unwrap Your Gifts Free Email Wellness challenge with tips to help you optimize your health and well-being! Adults can register to receive email per week and a Wellness Wednesday webinar invitation. Deadline to sign-up: October 24th Challenge starts: October 31st To Register: https://go.osu.edu/hlwfairfield THE OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY EXTENSION LiveHealthyLiveWell'

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