2022 Ohio State Fair Virtual and In-Person Skillathon Results: Rabbits

Congrats to the following Fairfield County youth who placed in their respective species for the 2022 Ohio State Fair Virtual and In-Person Rabbit Skillathon!

OSF Virtual Rabbit Skillathon Results:

  • Age 8/9: Kenley Wiseman, 1st Place; Julianne Phillips, 10th Place
  • Age 10: Eryn Raver, 1st Place; Evan Raver 4th Place; Gracie Weber, 9th Place
  • Age 12: Parker Reese, 6th Place
  • Age 14: Campbell Reese, 3rd Place; Elise Ryan, 6th Place; Emma Raver, 7th Place
  • Age 15: Alexandria Schmelzer, 4th Place
  • Age 17: Bailey Senften, 8th Place; Trinitiy Craiglow, 9th Place
  • Top 25 Overall Awards: Eryn Raver, 4th Place; Alexandria Schmelzer, 15th Place; Kenley Wiseman, 17th Place
  • OSF Virtual Rabbit Skillathon Participant: Liam Sebastian Coulter, Hannah Hurst, Hallie Nicodemus, Taylor Phillips, Mollie Smithberger, Kirra Wiseman

OSF In-Person Rabbit Skillathon Results:

  • Age 10: Gracie Weber, 1st Place; Sophia Schumm, 8th Place
  • Age 11: Scarlett Freeland, 2nd Place; Daisy D’Amico, 7th Place; Hunter Basnett, 8th Place
  • Age 12: Rachel Sponseller, 3rd Place
  • Age 13: Lauren Wilson, 7th Place; Troy Bullock, 9th Place
  • Age 14: Charlie Sponseller, 3rd Place; Nolan Shaffer, 9th Place
  • Age 16: Elise Bartholomew, 1st Place; Logan Hampton, 3rd Place; Katelynn Lykins 5th Place

These Fairfield County 4-H Rabbit Exhibitors have met their Fairfield County Junior Fair Skillathon Requirement by participating in at least one Skillathon. For a full list of results from Ohio State Fair Skillathons and for upcoming Skillathon events, visit: https://ohio4h.org/animalsciences/ohio-4-h-skillathons

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