2022 Ohio State Fair Dog Show Results

Wednesday Results:

  • Coral Young, 14th Place in Rally Novice B with Kayla
  • Kate Crow, 4th Place in Rally Intermediate B with Zita
  • Kate Crow, 6th Place in Freestyle Singles with Zita

Thursday Results:

  • Kate Crow, 4th Place in Rally Intermediate B with Zita
  • Kate Crow, 2nd Place in Senior You and Your Dog with Zita
  • Lacie Bachman, 11th Place in Senior You and Your Dog with Ace
  • Coral Young, 15th Place in Senior You and Your Dog with Casey

Friday Results:

  • Kate Crow, 3rd Place in Rally Intermediate B with Zita

Saturday Results:

  • Kate Crow, 5th Place in Novice B with Zita
  • Kate Crow, 4th Place in Rally Intermediate B with Zita

Saturday Agility Results:

  • Coral Young, Gold in Standard on Lead with Casey
  • Coral Young, Gold in Standard Level 1 with Kayla
  • Kate Crow, Gold in Standard Level 1 with Shadow
  • Lacie Bachman, Gold in Standard Level 1 with Ash

Sunday Agility Results:

  • Coral Young, Gold in Standard on Lead with Casey
  • Coral Young, Gold in Standard Level 1 with Kayla
  • Kate Crow, Gold in Standard Level 1 with Shadow
  • Lacie Bachman, Gold in Standard Level 1 with Ash

Sunday Agility (Jumper) Results:

  • Coral Young, Gold in Jumpers on Lead with Casey
  • Johnny Crow, Bronze in Jumpers on Lead with Kodiak
  • Coral Young, Gold in Jumpers Level 1 with Kayla
  • Kate Crow, Gold in Jumpers Level 1 with Shadow
  • Lacie Bachman, Gold in Jumpers Level 1 with Ash

Sunday Agility MSD Results:

  • Coral Young, Gold in MSD on Lead with Casey
  • Kate Crow, Gold in MSD Level 1 with Shadow
  • Lacie Bachman, Gold in MSD Level 1 with Ash
  • Coral Young, Gold in MSD Level 2 with Kayla

Exhibitor Versatility Award: Kate Crow

5 Total 2022 OSF Championships: Kate Crow

Kate Crow: Dog Poster – Senior, 6th Place

For a complete list of 2022 Ohio State Fair Dog Show Results, click here.

4-H Camp Lost and Found – Claim items by 9/9/2022

We have a few items not claimed from the 4-H Camp Lost & Found (pictures below).

  1. Yellow bag, green water bottle, bug spray, and Lincoln Outfitters pen light
  2. Plastic necklace
  3. YM Beatles Shirt
  4. sunglasses
  5. Size 7 Jumping Beans zip up
  6. Edinboro University white/red plastic water bottle
  7. AS Aeropostale zip up jacket
  8. white Ironman sunglasses with “AS” written inside
  9. Tervis water bottle

To claim, parents can contact Eileen at 740-277-4628 or Gundelfinger.11@osu.edu

If they are claimed, they need picked up this week or left in 4-H tote out front of Ag Center for pick up.

If they are claimed, and no longer wanted, they need to say OK to be recycled.

Unclaimed items will be recycled after Friday, 9/9/2022

Last Call for Winning 4-H Plan Requests – Due Sept 6th

The Winning 4-H Plan is about Making 4-H Accessible for Club Members with Disabilities. Ohio 4-H welcomes and encourages youth with disabilities to participate. If you have not submitted a request and think your child may need one, all request forms are due Sept 6, 2022.

Need more information about the Winning 4-H Plan?

  • Reasonable accommodations will be made for all youth with disabilities.
  • The Winning 4-H Plan Request Form can be found here and is due to Aubry Fowler (Fowler.443@osu.edu) by Sept 6, 2022 if you have a member who need accommodations for skillathon or fair.
  • The 4-H Educator will communicate all accommodations to the appropriate personnel
  • This completed accommodation document will be provided to the youth by the 4-H Educator
  • Requests for accommodations are considered on a case-by-case basis to ensure that the accommodation does not fundamentally alter the event or provide a significant advantage or disadvantage to anyone participating.
  • Accommodations will be specific to the individual.
  • Judges may modify regular judging procedure to accommodate requests and will need to determine that
    modification would not inhibit the ability of other exhibitors and/or animals in the show.

Common Accommodations include:

  • Typed responses or use of scribe for longer passages in project bool
  • Help with _________ (ex. reading, writing, math)
  • Extra time for ___________ (ex. reading, writing, response answering questions, taking test)
  • Rephrase or reword questions as needed for understanding
  • Break down tasks/questions to simple instructions
  • Directions/questions provided orally
  • Hand over hand to perform skill/task
  • Reduce the number of questions/items performed
  • Use of interpreter (sign language)
  • Project books/materials provided in pdf, enlarged print, or other format. Pease contact Laura Akgerman (akgerman.4@osu.edu) to request project books in alternate/electronic format
  • Use of service animal or seeing eye person when deemed safe (in show ring)
  • Change of location to quieter setting for interview/judging/ task performance
  • Use of device, tool or mechanism that helps the individual perform the task

All  members who submitted a winning plan, should have received their accommodation document on 8/29/2022 from Aubry. If you have questions or concerns, please contact Aubry Fowler, 4-H Educator, at 740-277-4626 or Fowler.443@osu.edu

Save the Date: Flower Sale with Lancaster Greenhouse – Sept 17-18

Come support the Fairfield County 4-H Advisory Committee by shopping at the Lancaster Greenhouse and Nursery, September 17 & 18!

Read on for More Details….

  • In-Store Sales
    • Distribute the coupon below to all family and friends. A whole page of coupons can be found here: Fall Flower Sale Coupons
    • Group supporters will shop as a “normal customer” on the above dates listed.  If we happen to have any current in-store sales and promotions taking place, they will be able to take advantage of those just like a typical customer.
    • At time of checkout, customers will give a copy of the attached coupon to our cashier so we know they are associated with your group and 15% of their transaction will be donated back to your group (not the customer).
    • Absolutely no coupons can be distributed at the store location

This is a fundraising event for the 4-H Advisory Committee. The 4-H Advisory Committee supports county 4-H programming for all youth members and adult volunteers including, but not limited to: Awards and banquets, Trips and scholarships, Printing costs, Special programming costs, and more!

Please share this post with family members and friends!

Ohio 4-H Celebration of Youth – Oct. 2

The Ohio 4-H Foundation’s annual Celebration of Youth is fast approaching! All adults aged 21 and over are invited to join us at Leeds Farm in Ostrander, Ohio on Thursday, October 6 for an evening of fall fun on the farm. The event will begin at 5 p.m. and will include a delicious dinner, a variety of fun farm activities, and both a silent and live auction. The kids are away so the adults can play!

This year, the Ohio 4-H Foundation is providing each county with two free tickets to the event. If you are interested in this opportunity, please contact your county educator for more information. Young alumni are also eligible for our BOGO ticket package, where you can purchase two tickets for the price of one! For additional details on how to purchase a ticket to Celebration of Youth, as well as information on how to sponsor the event or donate an auction item, please visit https://go.osu.edu/COY. Questions can also be directed to ohio4hfoundation@osu.edu. We hope you will join us for a night of fellowship and fundraising for Ohio 4-H!


Mandatory Dog Check-In Day is TOMORROW, Saturday, August 27th!

This is a reminder to those youth enrolled in 201D You and Your Dog for the upcoming Mandatory Dog Check-In Day. Please plan on joining us on Saturday, August 27th starting from 10 am to 12 pm in the Feeder Creek Veterinary Show Arena on the Fairfield County Fairgrounds.

What do you need to bring?

Mandatory Dog Check-In Day includes: (Saturday, August 27, 10:00 a.m.)

  • Health Check
  • You & Your Dog Interview Judging
  • PetPALS (for dogs) Interview Judging
  • Canine Ambassador Interview
  • Skillathon – required for 2022!
  • Rally Show n’ Go – $5 cash/run optional

New for 2022: Dog Premier Exhibitor! Highest score from a combination of Skillathon/Interview Judging, Showmanship, Obedience, and Agility (lowest score to be dropped). For more information about Premier Exhibitor, click here.

We look forward to seeing you on the 27th! Please visit the Ohio 4-H Dog website for Ohio 4-H Dog Show Rules and additional information.