OSU Extension Resources for Earth Month

OSU Extension is celebrating Earth Day this year with SENR’s Sustainability Institute by offering a collection of six 4-H Earth Is Our Home Activities. Ohio 4-H members and others are encouraged to try these activities anytime on their own, in their clubs, and in school. They’re guaranteed to spark interest and create exciting learning opportunities.

Many thanks to 4-H colleagues and authors Erin Dailey, Rachael Fraley, Kristy Watters, Travis West, Jo Williams, and Tracy Winters. The ice core activity is from the 4-H project book Exploring Polar Science, so thanks to authors Molly Hunt and Jason Cervenec of the Byrd Polar and Climate Research Center too.

Please share these resources widely: go.osu.edu/4hearthday.

Did you participate in these activities? If so, we want to hear about it! Contact Leslie Cooksey at cooksey.25@osu.edu.

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