Swine Exhibitors: Paperwork required at weigh-in

The following forms must be turned in at Swine Weigh-In:

DUNF Forms:

  • DUNF forms are required for market and MQP hogs (information to file these online before weigh-in can be found here).
  • DUNF forms should be completed as close to fair weigh-in as possible to ensure the information submitted is correct (between October 7th and before weigh-in on October 9th).
  • Exhibitors need to submit a DUNF for EACH animal.
  • DUNF forms must be completed online BEFORE weigh-in: http://go.osu.edu/fairfielddunf.
    • Exhibitors will receive an email receipt after submitting their online DUNF form.
    • Exhibitors will be asked to show a copy of this receipt (with exhibitor name and tag number) for each animal at weigh-in. This can be done by printing off the email receipt or showing the Show Committee the email receipt on a smartphone.
    • If an exhibitor submits an online DUNF in error (i.e. incorrect species, incorrect tag number), they must notify Leslie Cooksey (cooksey.25@osu.edu) and submit a new DUNF with the correct information.

Take Home Form: Must be turned in before the hog leaves the scale.

“No Ractopamine/Paylean” Affidavit: must be submitted ONLINE by fair weigh-in for ALL market hogs.

  • As a reminder, the Fairfield County Swine Show will be Ractopamine (i.e. Paylean) free. For more information, visit: u.osu.edu/nopaylean
  • All 4-H and FFA members and advisors need to take the time to review the information on the website listed above.
    • The OPEN class swine show is NOT a ractopamine-free show.
    • The JUNIOR show, IS ractopamine-free and Junior Fair Exhibitors will need to sign an affidavit indicating the pig was ractopamine-free at the time the Junior exhibitor acquired it. There will not be a form for breeders to sign.

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