Jr Fair Beef Exhibitor Announcement from your Superintendents

Due to increased beef numbers, some things will change.

The following announcement is from your Beef Superintendents Chris Turner and Brandon Thomas regarding the 2021 Junior Beef Show

Congratulations and welcome to the 2021 Fairfield County Fair Jr. Beef Show.  In order to make this year as successful as possible we are wanting to express that the fair is continually changing to provide the best opportunities for all exhibitors and that the show reflects the best interests of the exhibitors.  The Beef Committee has met numerous times to discuss this year’s fair and protocol’s and want to make the following announcements for you to prepare for the upcoming show/fair week experience.

Preparing for entry/weigh in

  1. With the increase of entry numbers the Beef Barn will be at full capacity and will have some exhibitors housed in a tent that will run the length of the barn located on the South side of the building.
  2. There will be additional grooming areas roped off for anyone that has not already marked an area for grooming.  This will be done after all weigh ins are completed.
  3. Make sure you have all of your registration paperwork along with DUNF forms for your animals.  DUNF forms must be completed online before you bring your animal to the fairgrounds.  Also make sure that if you have registered animals that the identification methods for that animal matches the paperwork provided.
  4. We will be conducting weigh-in like last year from 2 p.m. – 5 p.m.  When you are ready to weigh in your  entry you will take it across the scales.  Make sure that you announce before the weight of the animal is announced the intention of the animal.  Example of this is either Live, Carcass, or Live/Carcass.  You must also announce if you plan on taking your animal home or not.  Reminder that you will lose your sale position if you take your calf home.
  5. Once weigh-in is completed, the Beef Committee will conduct an exhibitor meeting  at 6 p.m. that will explain the fair show day procedures. This will be held outside of the Beef Barn by the wash rack facility.  If it is raining we will still meet there and move to a dry location.
  6. Bedding will be provided for all exhibitors.  We will be using mulch like previous years.
  7. Showmanship sign up was conducted online.  As soon as we get a copy of the participants we will post the details on class breaks.

During the week

  1. Tie outs will be conducted the same as previous years.  They are held along the North property line of the fairgrounds in the same location.  Cattle are allowed to go to tie outs at 5 p.m. and need to be back in the barn by 9:00 a.m.
  2. Check the bulletin boards each day throughout the week to track any changes or news throughout the week.

Show Day

  1. The show is going to start this year at 8:30 a.m.
  2. The arena is going to be expanded and will have changes.  One change is the make up area.  There will be a tent for exhibitors to stage their animals outside of the building.  Please make sure you arrive when called to the arena.  The tent will be located at the Northeast corner of the show arena.
  3. There will be only 1 parent to help the exhibitor in the make up area.  All other individuals will be removed to make the flow of events more fluid.
  4. During the show throughout the day, we will not pause the show for any missing or late exhibitors.  It is up to the exhibitor to keep track of the events happening in the show and to listen to the announcements for class calls.
  5. Per Jr Fair book, we will be selecting a Top 5 in the Market show. It is critical for all 2nd & 3rd place animals to be in the make up area & ready to enter ring for Final Drive. We will not delay show for you. Once Top 5 is chosen, the judge will place the remaining animals in the ring for sale order purposes.
  6. We plan on breaking for lunch and will complete the Market classes after lunch.

Find the 4-H/FFA Jr Beef Cattle rules in their entirety linked here.

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