Facebook Lives for Junior Fair Updates: Recordings for the week of September 28th

Daily 4-H and Junior Fair updates from 4-H Educators, Leslie Cooksey and Aubry Fowler as we approach the fair for the week of September 28th.

September 28th update includes:

  • Updated specie/judgings at the fair: http:/go.osu/edu/2020fairinfo
  • Review 2019 Junior Fair Rules
  • Beef Rules and Parking Map have been updated
  • Wristbands and backtag pickup for Advisors
  • Backtags are laminated – thanks to Fitzpatrick Enterprises!
  • Buyer packets are in the mail
  • New buyers – contact OSU Extension
  • Thank you for completing 4-H and FFA record books!


September 29th update includes:

  • Appointment scheduling for Cakes/Pies/Candies and Companion Animals
  • Take Home Forms for Market Livestock
  • Partial Terminal Sale
  • Only Overall Grand/Reserve Champions animals will go through the ring

September 30th update includes:

  • Sorting Rosettes & Trophies…and writing Thank You Notes!
  • Show Committees meet September 30th

October 1st update includes:

  • Wristband and Backtag pickup for Advisors
  • Showmanship Sign-ups
  • Review 2020 Junior Fair Updates by Specie

October 2nd update includes:

  • Take Home Form: go.osu.edu/2020takehome
  • No Paylean Form: go.osu.edu/nopayleanform
  • Online DUNF Forms: go.osu.edu/fairfieldunf

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