Sponsors Needed for Junior Fair Awards (Updated list as of 9/18/2020)

Award sponsors should have received their invoices to make payment toward sponsoring 2020 Junior Fair Awards. Please send payment in as soon as possible. If questions, contact Ashleigh Traster at 740-503-4980 or by email at ashleigh.trasterffw3@gmail.com. Please note, Ashleigh is the new Junior Fair Awards Coordinator!

The following awards are currently not sponsored for 2020 as of September 18, 2020. Please contact Ashleigh (contact information listed above) to be sure the award is still available. Thank you in advance!

Book 20 – Clothing

  • 1st – 2nd Place Clothing for Middle School – 2 Rosettes at $4.50 each
  • 1st Place Clothes for High School – 1 Rosette at $4.50
  • 1st Place Creative Costumes – 1 Rosette at $4.50
  • 2nd Place Dress Up Outfit – 1 Rosette at $4.50

Special 4-H Club Awards

  • 5 Year Member Pins – 47 pins at $2.00 each (sponsors are welcome to choose any number of these pins to donate)

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