Ohio Youth Livestock Skillathons – Swine Results

Congrats to the Fairfield County youth who participated in the Ohio Youth Skillathon for Swine!

  • Matthew Ahrens – 7th Place for Age 13, 23rd Place OVERALL Intermediate
  • Ava Loel – 2nd Place for Age 10, 12th Place OVERALL Junior
  • Caroline Endsley – 6th Place for Age 11, 16th Place OVERALL Junior
  • Lily Endsley – 21st Place OVERALL Junior
  • Brin Hoisington – 10th Place for Age 10
  • Henry Hoisington – 3rd Place for Age 13, 7th Place OVERALL Intermediate
  • Nicole Terry – 1st Place for Age 15, 9th Place OVERALL Senior
  • Additional youth participating:
    • Alaina Bell
    • Seth Loel
    • Karson Kistler
    • Cora Bell
    • Brock Terry
    • Demi Lee

For more information and all results, visit: https://ohio4h.org/animalsciences/ohio-youth-skillathons/swine-skillathon

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