Summerfest Winners – Please send your THANK YOU NOTES! :o)

We need to make sure our sponsors receive thanks and appreciation for supporting Fairfield County’s youth! This would include all youth receiving the Bertha Wilson Camp Scholarship, all youth receiving awards at Summerfest, as well as Junior Fair Exhibitors who will be receiving awards at fair. Please make members who received awards this summer and at the fair write thank you notes to the sponsors of their awards – even if it’s just a rosette or ribbon.

Several people took lots of time making sure an address label of the particular sponsor was placed on the back of each award or attached a thank you notecard to a trophy. For Summerfest Winners – your donor is labeled on your thank you note AND your award “group” card.

Please be aware that we have had sponsors stop donating for fair awards because they did not receive a thank you note. If a member is not sure of their sponsor for an award received at Summerfest or at the fair, check out the Awards Portion of the Junior Fair Book as it gives the name of the sponsor. If you aren’t able to find an address, please contact the OSU Extension Office and we can help you find it! Also encourage youth to include information about their project, award received, etc. as the sponsors enjoy reading this information! Sponsors also love pictures if members have any of their project they would like to share!

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