2019 Junior Fair Beef Reminders and Updates

Attention 4-H and FFA Beef Exhibitors – we would like to remind you of a few upcoming deadlines and rule changes for the 2019 Fairfield County Fair.

  • The possession deadline for beef feeders is August 15th. Rule 17 in the Junior Fair Book page 26) for Breeding Beef, Steers/Heifers and Feeders states: “Feeder steers and feeder heifers must submit nose-prints (up to 2 feeder steers and 2 feeder heifers) to the Senior Fair Office within five days of required possession date. Exhibitor is to fill out a 4″ x 6″ index card accordingly; On Back: Name, Contact Phone Number, Email, Address, 4-H Club or FFA Chapter, and Breed. On Front: Calf Nose Print. When brought to the Senior Fair Office, office staff will make three copies (one copy for the exhibitor and the other two copies, plus the original, for the Senior Fair Office). The Senior Fair Office copies and the original will be placed in a photo or page protector and stored in a three ring-binder marked “Nose Prints”. If nose print card(s) are mailed in, the cards must be filled out as stated above. When the nose print card(s) are received in the office, the envelope will be stamped with that date, copies will be made and a copy will be sent to the exhibitor. The Senior Fair Office MUST have the exhibitors correct address.”
  • For Beef Breeding entries, a reminder that Breed classes will need to have at least two entries to be considered a class. All other registered non-class entries will be placed in the AOB division of breeds (Breeding Beef, Steers/Heifers, and Feeders – Rule 18, page 26).
  • For ALL Beef entries, Mulch is the preferred bedding for all Junior Fair beef animals regardless of which barn they are housed in. Exhibitors will provide their own bedding. This is a CHANGE for 2019! Also, exhibitors will not need to remove their bedding as the Senior Fair Board will do so at the end of fair as of their June 18, 2019 Senior Fair Board meeting.

Advisors will be distributing Junior Fair Books soon to club/chapter members, if they have not done so already. In the meantime, download sections of the Junior Fair Book as needed by clicking here.

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