Summer Judging Continues on July 16th and 18th!

Although the 2018 Summer Judging Schedule is no longer available in 4-HOnline, we welcome all members who are ready for their projects to participate in their respective judging days! Feel free to the call the office 740-652-7264 next week if you still need to schedule your judging time.

The schedule is based on the purple Member Handbook, pages 22-30.  Please read these pages and make sure you are signing up for the correct project on the correct day.  (An example are the Self Determined projects – there are some that are judged on a different day – see page 22).

Judging Dates 2018   

  • Thursday July 12, 2018 – Demonstration Contest (NO ONLINE SIGN-UP), Self Determined Projects, Writing, Leadership and Citizenship, Cake Decorating, Scrapbooking, Collectibles, Creative Art, Quilting, Theatre Arts, Photography. Judging results are posted here.

  • Friday July 13, 2018 – Health, Babysitting, Genealogy, Home Decorating and Design, Money Management, ALL Food and Nutrition Projects. Judging results will be posted here.

  • Monday July 16, 2018 – Science Fun projects, Rockets, Airplanes, Radio-Controlled Vehicles, Robotics, Electricity, Rope, Small Engines, Solar Energy, ATV, Computers, Woodworking, Welding, Veterinary Science, All Environmental Science, Gardening, Horseless Horse, All About Dogs.  Judging results will be posted here.

  • Tuesday July 17th – Modeling Practice at Liberty Union High School

  • Wednesday July 18, 2018 – All Clothing Projects.  Style Review in the evening at Liberty Union High School.  Judging results will be posted here.

Good luck with your summer judging projects!

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