2018 State Fair 4-H Non-Livestock Schedule

For those of you that are coming to summer judging, you will be asked if you would like to attend the state fair.  Most often, people want to know when the projects will be judged.  Here is the link to the Ohio 4-H Website with the State Fair Information.

  • Wednesday July 25th – Health Day, Quilt Day, Health and Safety Speaking Day.
  • Thursday July 26th – Creative Arts 1 Day (Scrapbooking, Get Started in Art, Collectibles); Home Decorating Day, Family Life Day
  • Friday July 27th – Companion Animal Day, Welding Day (off-site)
  • Saturday July 28th – Engineering Excitement Day, STEM Day, Photography Day
  • Sunday July 29th – International Day, Leadership Day, Workforce Preparation Day
  • Monday July 30th – Woodworking Day
  • Tuesday July 31st – Food and Nutrition Day, Clothing Day, Creative Arts II Day (Cake Decorating)
  • Wednesday August 1st – Communications Day, Food and Nutrition Day, Clothing Day
  • Thursday August 2nd – Communications Day, Food and Nutrition Day, Clothing Day
  • Friday August 3rd – Natural Resources Day 1 (All Shooting Sports Projects, Safe Use of Guns & Beginning Archery), Tractor Day (off-site)
  • Saturday August 4th – Natural Resources Day II (Beekeeping, Fishing, Insects, Gardening, Canning,  Ohio Birds etc.)
  • Sunday August 5th – Self-Determined Day

For more details about which projects are judged on each of these days, please see the link above.

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