It’s Time to Sign-Up for Summer Judging!

The 2018 Summer Judging Schedule is now ready for you to sign up for judging! The schedule is based on the purple Member Handbook, pages 22-30.  Please read these pages and make sure you are signing up for the correct project on the correct day.  (An example are the Self Determined projects – there are some that are judged on a different day – see page 22) You can sign up for judging now through July 3rd.  Once you have made your time selection, if you need to change, please call Missy at 740-652-7264 to get the change made.


  • Judging Dates 2018   
    • Thursday July 12, 2018 – Demonstration Contest (NO ONLINE SIGN-UP), Self Determined Projects, Writing, Leadership and Citizenship, Cake Decorating, Scrapbooking, Collectibles, Creative Art, Quilting, Theatre Arts, Photography

    • Friday July 13, 2018 – Health, Babysitting, Genealogy, Home Decorating and Design, Money Management, ALL Food and Nutrition Projects

    • Monday July 16, 2018 – Science Fun projects, Rockets, Airplanes, Radio-Controlled Vehicles, Robotics, Electricity, Rope, Small Engines, Solar Energy, ATV, Computers, Woodworking, Welding, Veterinary Science, All Environmental Science, Gardening, Horseless Horse, All About Dogs

    • Tuesday July 17th – Modeling Practice at Liberty Union High School

    • Wednesday July 18, 2018 – All Clothing Projects.  Style Review in the evening at Liberty Union High School.

You will sign-up for judging using your 4-H online log-in and profile. The instructions can be found here, or read below.

  • From your home page (you may need to click on the house in the upper right hand corner of the page), you will click on the very tiny ‘My Meetings’ (should be in blue font above the Announcements & Newsletters section). This will show your available meetings.  The titles for this year start with 2018 – the day- and type of projects.   Click on the Sign-Up tab.
  • Select the Family Member, the project area and an available timeslot using the drop down boxes. CLICK SAVE.
  • The timeslot information you have selected will be listed under ‘Scheduled Meetings’.  Repeat to sign up for another project or to sign up another family member.

Good luck with your summer judging projects!


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