Hey Teens – Be an Ohio 4-H Event Youth Assistant!

There is a NEW opportunity for 2018—the Ohio 4-H Event Youth Assistant (4HEYA) Program. Even though these applications are not due until May 15, 2018 -we wanted to start sharing more information so you can help promote this to your teens as an additional opportunity.  (Thank you for doing so!). Here is a basic overview of the opportunity:

What: 4-H Event Youth Assistant (4HEYA)

Who: Individuals age 13-18 (as of January 1 of the year of application) and have at least 1 year prior 4-H experience.

Time Frame: Apply by May 15, 2018 and selection, training, service to Ohio State Fair, and evaluation.  Complete responsibilities by August 31, 2018.

Applications available at:


Requirements (in addition to application/selection process):

  • Training: Must attend one of the options for training (July 10 or July 19, 2018).
  • Events: Must work a minimum of 3 events at the Ohio State Fair; may work more if desired.
  • Program Fee: $25/person for first year members; $10 for 2nd or more year members.
  • Teens Receive:
    • 4HEYA Polo & Nametag
    • State Fair admission, parking ticket, and meal ticket(s)
    • Optional State Fair housing in the Rhodes Center (if desired)
    • Experience of working events at the Ohio State Fair
    • Opportunity to enhance leadership skills and be involved in the State 4-H program

Questions? Contact Kayla (oberstadt.1@osu.edu) or Hannah (epley.24@osu.edu). Thanks for your promotion of this opportunity to our teens!


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